A Big Fat List Of Essential Oils For Preppers

The world is a scary place. It is not as though we are intentionally trying to live dangerously, it kind of, sort of just happens. I am being more than a little bit facetious when I say that because surely there is more to it than that. Sure, natural disasters happen without provocation or warning but there are dozens of other scary events that occur that are not-so-natural. Sickness, war, civil unrest, nuclear Armageddon — these things that are within our sphere of reality.

Rather than fear and cower at the thought of these disruptive and frightening events, we prepare. This is not by chance. If you are reading this than you recognize that being prepared and living a preparedness lifestyle is purposeful and intentional. It does not happen by accident and it does not happen without of bit of work coupled with time and resources.

But the payback? The payback is knowing that if a disaster comes along, you will be able to take care of yourself and your family. It is your my life. And heaven forbid, you will avoid a trip to Camp FEMA if you can possibly help it.

This all brings me to today’s article from Backdoor Survival contributing author, Rebecca Schiffhauer. Although she does not consider herself a prepper, per se, she is a champion of self-reliance in her own right, especially when it comes to health care and essential oils. Today she shares a fantastic list of essential oils for preppers along with suggested uses.

I wouldn’t call myself an alarmist, prepper or a survivalist but I do feel very strongly that all who call themselves such, have an important message for everyone. Too many natural disasters have me paying a lot more attention to being a lot more prepared.

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