BBC’s WWIII: New show peddles ‘Putin’s invasion’ & nuclear attack on UK

A fictitious vision of the future compiled by “western strategists” in which Russia invades Latvia and then launches a nuclear strike on Britain has premiered in a new BBC show titled “World War Three: Inside the War Room.”

The nearly one hour long program, which premiered on Wednesday on the UK’s BBC Two channel, features a war room packed with former top British military and diplomats playing a war game on the European continent.

In the fictional scenario, which as the BBC said was “developed over many months of research and in consultation with military, diplomatic and political experts around the world,” the so-called pro-Kremlin separatists have taken over dozens of towns on the Russian-Latvian border, with Moscow then invading the NATO member state to support them.

A ground offensive against “Putin’s troops” is launched by the US and UK, the show suggests, after which according to the BBC, Russia pushes the red button and launches a nuclear strike on a Royal Navy warship, before the war room is told that Putin has mapped London as the next target.

Following the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s involvement in Syria, the world is closer to superpower confrontation than at any time since the end of the Cold War,” said the BBC’s preview for the show, which fused fictional scenarios with archive footage.

Via RT.