BBC’s news coverage branded ‘naive’

BBCâ„¢s news coverage is naive, former head of Sky News says.

British state-run broadcaster BBCâ„¢s news coverage is Å“naive”, former head of Sky News has said.

Nick Pollard, who carried out an investigation into the BBC’s decision to drop an inquiry on former presenter Jimmy Savile, said the corporationâ„¢s coverage of the world news is Å“committee-driven” and often swayed by pressure groups.

Å“There is a slight tendency to naivety to some of the coverage, particularly home news stories,” he said.

“I get the impression as a viewer watching some BBC output that they are slightly too keen on latching on to pressure groups, special interest groups”, said Pollard, adding that his review had supported the case.

An earlier study by the Centre for Policy Studies, found that the BBC is twice likely to cover leftwing policies than the rightwing ones.

The corporation has also been criticized for pro-monarchy bias by ignoring or underplaying news stories that have the potential to embarrass the British royal family.


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Republished from: Press TV