BBC fails to cover Scotland properly

A survey has found that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) does not properly cover Scottish issues in its news, online services, as well as programming which needs to be informative of what goes on in Scotland.

Less than half of Scots (48 percent) think the BBC is good at representing their lives though news and current affairs.

The figure was compared with 58 percent of viewers south of the border, who believe the BBC was good at reflecting matters in England.

The figures come in a report by an organisation that represents the interests of television viewers. It warned the BBC risks falling short of informing audiences properly by presenting too many reports that have nothing to do with Scotland.

The Audience Council Scotland, which examined the issue of whether the corporation is balancing the Scottish news agenda, said, “The council believes that in carrying too many stories that do not apply in Scotland there is a risk the BBC is not informing audiences about important policy issues as well as it might.”

On the BBC website, the council said there is an uneven coverage of Å“England-only stories on the UK page.”


Republished with permission from: Press TV