Apple will reportedly reveal new iPhones on September 10

Apple’s newest iPhones are rumored to be released on September 10. The devices, which may be called the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, are believed to come in many colors and include sensors to identify their owners by their fingerprints.

The Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara first revealed the news,
claiming that its “sources in Asia” confirmed the names of
the rumored new iPhones.

The iPhone 5C — with the “C” standing for “color” — will
allegedly come in multiple colors, rather than the standard black
and white options of the current models. The 5C is supposedly
also a cheaper version of the phone, and comes in a plastic case.
Photos of the low-cost plastic enclosures were released last
month, but their authenticity was not confirmed until sources
verified the news this week, according to information from the
Apple Insider, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal-affiliated
tech blog All Things D.

The plastic model may provide low-income consumers with an
alternative option to the more expensive iPhone. Previously,
Apple sold its older models for $100 to $200 less than the newest
iPhone, but technology bloggers suspect that Apple has struggled
to make gains in emerging markets due to the high costs of its
devices. With plastic phones geared toward lower-income
individuals, purchasing a new iPhone could become a reality for a
greater number of people who might otherwise opt for Samsung’s
Galaxy S4 or a lower-cost Android device. Reuters reports that
the phone will cost $99, and Apple will discontinue its
production of older models. The phone will allegedly have six
color options, a 3.5 inch screen and a 5 megapixel camera.

Apple is also expected to release the iPhone 5S, which some
suspect might also be called the iPhone 6 and come in colors such
as “champagne gold.” This model will allegedly have the same
design as the iPhone 5, but include a fingerprint reader, a
better 12-13 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash and slow-motion
capabilities, better notifications, and a longer battery life.
The fingerprint sensor is expected to be embedded in the iPhone’s
home button.

The new model will allegedly also include Night Mode in Apple
Maps, which responds to ambient light when used in the dark, and
allow users to swipe between menus and apples using head motions.
Apple has declined to comment on the new phone’s features, but
last year purchased AuthenTec, which manufactures hardware
security sensors.

Both of the new iPhones will run iOS 7 — the latest version of
Apple’s mobile operating system, which features new typography, a
new color palette, and redesigned icons. September
will mark the first time that Apple will unveil two
phones in the same month.

Apple is also expected to launch its latest version of Mac OS X,
called “Mavericks”, in the next few weeks, but that announcement
is not predicted to occur at the Sept. 10 event.
Apple is also believed to be working on a smartwatch and a TV,
but reports from Bloomberg News and The Verge predict that those
devices won’t be released until the end of the year.

Republished from: RT