Apple Denies Ever Working With The NSA

Zero Hedge
January 1, 2014

Yesterday, we broke the story that during the 30th Chaos Communication Congress, it was revealed that according to the NSA (the slide in question) virtually every Apple product can be “backdoored”, and that the presenter of the discovery Jacob Applebaum openly asked Apple if it was just its “shitty software” that provided the NSA with this privacy invading loophole, or if it was Apple secretly working in collaboration with the NSA that permitted this betrayal of the iconic company’s customers.

Moments ago the WSJ reported that according to Apple, it was just the “shitty software”, as the company denied ever working with the NSA.

Somehow we doubt this will be the end of this particular story, especially since this is an implicit admission that Apple does, indeed, have “backdoors” in its products. Whether invited or not.

Perhaps as a follow up, Apple can also confirm that none of its products permit illegal backdoor access for the NSA or anyone else, especially now that the “implantation” mechanism has been made clear to the entire world?

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