Anti-Israeli sentiments rise in Tunisia

Anti-Israeli sentiments have increased among Tunisians following recent revelations of the presence of Israeli spies in the North African country, Press TV reports.

This comes after former Israeli officials confirmed the presence of their spies in many North African countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya Sudan, and Morocco.

The recent news angered Tunisians, who have accused authorities of neglecting national security and allowing Israeli interference in Tunisian internal affairs.

œThe lack of coordination among security forces has paved the way for the presence of spies in the country, including the Israeli Mossad. They are now active in Tunisia for many reasons. This includes the strategic positions and the impact of Tunisia™s internal developments in the region and beyond,” political analyst Jemai Guesmi said.

œThe country needs a lot to do to fight foreign spies and intelligence. The role of Mossad in the current crisis and chaos cannot be overlooked. It requires vigilance as the threat is real. They can™t operate without local traitors,” investigative journalist Slim Boukhdir said.

Earlier this year, two Tunisians from the northern town of Bizerte were arrested on suspicions of leaking sensitive information to the Israeli Mossad spy agency.

Tunisian officials say Tel Aviv has recruited the North African country™s vulnerable jobless youth to spy for them.

Analysts have also accused Israel of taking advantage of the political instability in the country following its uprising and revolution.

Tunisia™s ousted dictator, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, fled Tunisia in the aftermath of the country™s revolution in early 2011. He currently lives in exile in Saudi Arabia.


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