Another ‘War on Terror’ Casualty

William Boardman
July 8, 2013

Attorney Lynne Stewart aggressively defended alleged terrorists, making her a target of President George W. Bush’s “war on terror.”

After 9/11, she was prosecuted for violating special security rules for dealing with a client — and is now dying of cancer in federal prison, denied compassionate release, reports William Boardman.

In the American justice system, even when a prisoner is not sentenced to be executed, the bureaucrats of the U.S. Justice Department’s Federal Bureau of Prisons still have extrajudicial ways of making sure a politically targeted prisoner will die in jail.

A recent example: Kathleen Kenney, general counsel for the Bureau of Prisons, informed the husband of Lynne Stewart, a 73-year old woman who is dying of cancer, that her request for “compassionate release” was denied because her “health is improving … she does not present circumstances considered extraordinary and compelling … at this time.”

Imprisoned attorney Lynne Stewart, photographed in June 2013. (Credit:

From her office in Washington D.C., Kenney countermanded the April 26 recommendation of the prison warden at the Carswell Federal Medical Center at the Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, Texas, that Stewart be released.

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