Al Qaeda ‘Refugees’ in America on Welfare
November 21, 2013

Yesterday I published reports of al Qaeda war gaming in Kentucky and handling heavy weapons. And the US let these terrorists into the country as “refugees.” Refugee resettlement. AFDI has called for the end of this immigration in our 18-point platform.

We have been importing jihadists for years now with Muslim immigration programs under the Refugee Resettlement program, diversity visas and religious visas. It’s always a shock to people when they first find out how Refugee Resettlement works. Instead of giving refuge to the religious minorities that are persecuted, oppressed and subjugated under the Shariah, we are opening the floodgates to Islamic supremacists and jihadists. And what most folks don’t know is that it’s the OIC-driven U.N. that decides who gets refugee status.

And you are supporting them with your hard-earned money. Taxpayer dollars financing the invaders whose objective is to annihilate us.

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Source: Infowars