Abducted migrants rescued in Mexico

Mexican police have rescued 73 migrants who were being held in a house in the northern state of Tamaulipas near the border of the US state of Texas.

The Mexican Immigration Institute said in a statement on Monday that federal and state agents have rescued the migrants from a home in Reynosa, just across the border from the US city of McAllen, Texas.

Officials said 17 migrants were from Honduras, 13 from Guatemala and three from EL Salvador, with the other 40 from Mexico.

Some of the Central American migrants were held in the house for over three months after being kidnapped at the Reynosa bus station, the report said.

Abductions of migrants are common in northeastern Mexico, where the Zetas and the Gulf drug cartels hold major influence over the area.

Since 2010, the Zetas and the Gulf cartels have been involved in ongoing drug-related battles in the Mexican cities of Monterrey and Fresnillo.

In 2010, the Zetas were accused of slaying 72 migrants in north Mexico.

More than 70,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since former President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against Mexico™s drug cartels in December 2006.

Current Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has vowed to reduce crime as he continues the campaign against drug cartels.


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