9/11 photographer, author & journalist arrested & deported at London Heathrow airport


Interview with Chris Bollyn, freelance photographer, author and journalist. He used to work for US newspaper American Free Press, and covered Bilderberg in early 2000s as a photographer. He has written books on 9/11 and had trouble with undercover cops.

He was not let in to UK recently due to this trouble.


Further revelations from Edward Snowden on the NSA — devices planted in laptops enabling surveillance and text message surveillance — no legal basis, NSA leaks: British spies were given access to US ‘Dishfire’ system that reads hundreds of millions of texts from around the world. NSA infiltrated more than 100,000 offline computers using covert devices, say leaks: The intelligence agency reportedly inserted radio-transmitters into computers via spies and unwitting users to crack disconnected devices. Stasi State, US internet companies losing business. Jewish American Edwin Black who wrote ‘IBM and the Holocaust’ — Prescott Bush trading the Nazis.

The corruption of Britain:

UK’s key institutions infiltrated by criminals: Investigations editor Tom Harper’s story in The Independent about criminal groups infiltrating the Metropolitan Police using Freemason lodges – Scotland Yard investigated this in Operation Tiberius. Follows on from Project Riverside from the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). UK politicisans’ and armed forces chiefs’ Iraq war crimes go to the top as Public Interest Lawyers two year long report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague. Seamus Milne on George Galloway’s Saturday Russia Today show Sputnik — discussing Thatcher government’s use of security services to crush Arthur Scargill and the miner’s strike who nearly won the battle to save the pits fairly. Roger Waters, lead singer and Pink Floyd guitarist compares Israel to Nazi Germany, says treatment of Palestinians by Israelis is like the Holocaust.

  • Ky

    Bollyn is jewish and is another sayan agent posing as a Truther. Better look closer at this fraudulent plant. don’t get taken

  • James Phillips

    The comment about Bollyn being “jewish” [sic], etc. is completely over the top. Totally absurd with no basis in reality whatsoever!

  • The person named “Ky” who claims that I am Jewish is clearly a disinfo agent seeking to discredit me and my 9-11 research with this preposterous allegation. The fact that Ky resorts to such tactics indicates that the disinfo agency he works for cannot find one thing in my research that is false or inaccurate, so they use false allegations against me as a person.