71% Agree Founding Fathers Would Be Ashamed of Country Today, And They’re Right

Anthony Gucciardi

From Orwellian spying tactics employed by the NSA to warrantless searches and a police force turned militaristic, a new Gallup poll finds that 71% of Americans agree that the nation’s Founding Fathers would be truly ashamed of what the country has become. And they’re right.

In 2013 the United States represents virtually everything that those who framed the nation’s doctrine attempted to protect against – and it’s all thanks to a small group of corrupt politicians who are devastating the home of 313 million US citizens. Whether we’re talking about the utterly hated NDAA which allows for the indefinite (and unconstitutional) detention of Americans as if they were combatant terrorists or the bloated presence of the Federal Reserve banking system, the signers of the Declaration of Independence would not even recognize this country at this point in time.

But it’s not just the founders who would be rightfully upset. Thankfully, this Gallup poll indicates that an overwhelming majority of citizens are aware of the rampant downfall that this nation has taken during the fight against ‘terrorism’ and rise of ‘safety regulations’ that are hitting our struggling nation like a recurring avalanche. One unconstitutional law or regulation after another is pushed through using the guise of ‘safety’ while ignoring not only the consequences but the blatant disregard for our rights.


71% of those polled believed the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of our country today.

One topic in particular comes to mind, which is the national ‘Constitution-free zone‘ I covered back in Feburary of this year that literally stretches 100 miles from any US border (including water) under DHS regulation. Under this 100 mile zone that covers 197 million citizens in major cities like Houston and Philadelphia, the DHS has granted itself the ‘right’ to search all of your electronic belongings for no reason whatsoever. And if you refuse then you will be sent to jail, where they will then search your stuff any way.

But God help you if you have anything slightly inappropriate on your laptop, as they will charge you as a terrorist for simply having internet photos of Islamic groups saved on your hard drive.

Around 85% of Americans still report being extremely or very ‘proud’ to be American citizens, with 71% saying they believe the founders would be ashamed of where we stand today. I don’t know how the other 27% who believe the founders would be proud of the country rationalize this outside of regurgitating the ‘safety’ propaganda as given to us by the scripted mainstream media, but I do see how a large percentage of the population can still be proud to be citizens of the US.

After all, the nation was founded on a Constitution that protects the fundamental rights we seek to protect today, with the founders intending to stop any infiltration of such rights. Today, we must reclaim these rights and reclaim what the founders called home.

This post originally appeared at Story Leak