7 Quotes that prove Eugenics is alive, profitable, and the source of all “chronic disease”

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July 23, 2013

1) Charles Darwin, 1871: “Changed conditions induce an almost indefinite amount of fluctuating variability.”[i]

Insomuch as people are human, we are all alike- but the similarity ends there. Inside, veins run along paths as unique as fingerprints, like Darwin described. Genetics and individuality dictates each human identity and how one will respond to a ‘changed condition.’

Every chronic disease responsible for the top causes of death was rare or did not yet exist in the 1800’s, but each abounds now at epidemic levels. From autism to Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease and diabetes, all result from damage to the nervous system. The ‘rare genetic disorders,’ many syndromes, and these widespread killers are not diseases at all, but the “fluctuating variability” of a unique human response to a “changed condition.”[ii] Because pets have these ‘diseases’ too, what was the change that was new in the 1800’s, grew throughout the 1900’s, and damages the nervous system of mammals?

2) Francis Galton, the inventor of Eugenics, 1883: “The object of statistical science is to discover methods of condensing information concerning large groups of allied facts.”[iii]

The vast majority of medical information today is statistical. Hence when ‘studies show’ facts, they almost always point to people’s lifestyle choices that lead to a ‘greater risk’ of developing chronic diseases- but provide no data whatsoever about the underlying biological causes. From Galton’s original statement, it seems that was the goal from the beginning: to let people die and do nothing to stop it, but merely describe what kind of people suffer from which conditions.

From what we, the people, are continually told, the major ‘risk factors’ for chronic diseases are smoking, drinking, doing illegal drugs, and eating too much. Yet, alcohol, tobacco, drugs in their plant form, sugar, fat, and salt all existed for thousands of years, so there is no way that they alone can be responsible for the sudden appearance of health conditions, nor their rapid increase since WW2. Since animals and infants also ‘get’ them, lifestyle choices cannot explain the biological mechanism for cause, but more likely, they can amplify the conditions already present from another source.

Statistical studies are the easiest to manipulate, based on the size of the study and what type of people compose it. They also distract from the issue of causation completely- the autism controversy is one such successful example. Highlighting various ‘bad’ behaviors is nothing more than a classic tactic of ‘blaming the victim.’ Thus, the people who die are judged for what they did, rather than what was done to them, and the primary cause of chronic disease appears to be a lack of obedience to eugenic ideals. As to actual causation, what do animals, infants and adult humans all have in common?

3) Francis Galton, 1883: “The investigation of human eugenics” calls for “family histories, both medical and general,” which would “require no more than zeal and persuasiveness.”[iv]

When Galton wrote those words he was frustrated, because at that time it was not yet possible for a man and his children to get “weighed, measured, and rightly photographed, and have their bodily facilities tested.” Such growth records, from youth to maturity were “required before it can be possible to rightly appraise the effect of external conditions upon development,” and advance eugenic goals.[v]

Now, oddly enough, all public school children are weighed and measured every year, just as their vision and hearing is tested. Although the photography program began with a few salesmen and a dream, as Lifetouch Portraits tells it, the measuring most certainly did not. Is there any way that could be an accident- especially if the policy was established at the highest levels of government?

Another modern standard is the complete exposition of family medical history, by every patient, at every doctor’s visit- that seemed to “require no more than zeal or persuasiveness” by the American Medical Association, which governs medicine. Because the AMA existed before the eugenics movement, and providing family history is so common now that it is unquestioned, it is not only suspicious, or likely, but certain, that the leaders directly followed Galton’s order: “no time ought to be lost in encouraging and directing a habit of compiling” them.[vi] Public schools require children to get vaccinated, and infants, adults, and animals all receive them from doctors- whether MD or Vet- do they not?

4) Francis Galton, 1883: “Terror at any object is quickly taught if it is taught consistently, whether the terror be reasonable or not” and “aversion is taught as easily as terror.”[vii]

We were taught to avoid questioning doctors, but above all, to fear germs. There is no such infection that will kill you immediately, although movies like Contagion instruct otherwise. We have an immune system, but so many people died during the infectious disease era because they were crammed into shacks, malnourished, and living in filth. The sanitation movement changed that, not vaccines.[viii]

Doctors are not gods. In fact, they were responsible for millions of deaths in the puerperal fever epidemic that lasted 300 years. It is now called “the doctor’s plague” because the entire time, they went from shoving their hands into women’s vaginas who had just died from the infection, straight into birth canals of those in labor- without washing their hands, because they did not believe in germs. They were not punished, only forced to sanitize their hands once germs were discovered in the late-1800’s.[ix] Now, we irrationally fear them and specifically ‘believe’ in vaccines, because their effectiveness is not factual.

While many doctors exist who want to save people’s lives, most do what the AMA tells them to do- because it comes with God-like power. All are taught with a ‘reward and punishment’ psychological tactic as well, the “law of effect,” that was developed by an American eugenic scientist from 1927-33. Edward Thorndike trained people by rewarding one “right” behavior and punishing everything else, which was defined as “wrong.”[x] Are vaccines and legal drugs the “right” choice for doctors?

5) Joshua Lederberg, 1946: “A simple analogy for cancer is evident–the newly found capacity of a cell to synthesize an essential metabolite otherwise available only in limiting and regulatory amounts.”[xi]

Cancer is ‘cell proliferation,’ which in normal terms, means that a group of cells grows in excess until they take over the host body and kill it. Like any other living entity cancer requires food to grow, the only difference is it gets energy differently than other cells. The strange method of acquiring it was discovered in 1930, but according to medical studies, no one thought to uncover what cancer eats until only a few years ago.[xii] Another eugenic scientist did, however, in 1946.

Joshua Lederberg used experiments with fungus to search for “a nutritional concept of cancer,” but his language clearly indicated that he did not want to stop it, but cause it, in “higher forms” like us. He discovered that when cells mutate, some develop a “newly found capacity” to eat food that normally exists in small amounts. The more abundant that food became, the more the cells proliferated, until the host was consumed. Hence, all that was left to discover, was how to cause cells to mutate in people, and then give them something to eat.

Twelve years later, Lederberg won the Nobel Prize for mutation.[xiii] That exact same year, congress passed the Food Additives Amendment. Several chemicals were legally put into the food supply with no limits or safety testing whatsoever. They were called GRAS substances, because someone decided that they were “generally regarded as safe.”[xiv] Does one feed cancer in some people, depending on genetics, but cause nervous system damage in others- and it is also an ingredient in vaccines? YES.

6) Francis Galton, 1883: “In any scheme of eugenics,” “energy is the most important quality to favour.”[xv] Energy is “the capacity for labour.”[xvi]

Galton defined eugenics as “the science of improving stock.” By that, he meant to give “more suitable races or strains of blood a better chance of prevailing speedily over the less suitable than they otherwise would have had.”[xvii] Since many white people were sterilized by eugenic policies in the 20th century, and get just as many chronic diseases now as other races, he obviously did not refer to color.[xviii]

Because “the capacity for labour” was the goal of his eugenic scheme, then by “improving” and “suitable,” he must have meant the ability to work for wages. During the 1880’s and 90’s, hundreds of monopolies sprung up, in which large corporations owned all the raw materials necessary for life- from food to fuel, to everything else.[xix] Hence, the only ‘jobs created’ from then on were usually low-paying subservient careers that reduced the people at large to a fiscal type of slavery. The wages were set by the same enormously wealthy corporate owners who also set the price of necessities.

Overpopulation was always a concern, as Darwin stated in 1871: “civilized populations have been known under favorable conditions, as in the United States, to double their numbers in twenty-five years,” or as little as twelve.[xx] Therefore, he wrote that Western societies needed to be controlled, just like the various natives, who “would no doubt increase if their numbers were not by some means rigidly kept down.”[xxi] Population control applied only to the 99%, not the corporate aristocracy.

The horrific reality that these quotes reveal is that for over one hundred years, we, the people, were bred like dogs, for slave labor. When an infant ‘fails to thrive’ or dies from SIDS, that means his or her soul was so precious, so sensitive, they were not ‘fit to survive.’ Only the ‘strong’ can make it through the chemical onslaught of youth, enough to work like slaves for a few decades, until the slow nervous system excitation eventually kills them- which usually strikes right around retirement.

Despite what the Resident Evil franchise teaches, viral weaponry that kills people instantly is not profitable at all. Nervous system excitation serves another, more important purpose. Food corporations use the same chemicals to enhance flavor that the pharmaceutical companies put in vaccines, making them heat stable and increasing cell yield, and because they make people so sick, the medical industry is booming more than ever before.[xxii] THAT is why Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt.

7) FDR, the president who created the short-lived middle class, 1933: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself–nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror, which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”[xxiii]

Perhaps only the words of that great man who cared more for the people than the corporations can help us now. “This is preeminently the time to speak the truth, the whole truth, frankly and boldly,” for surely, in more ways than one, “only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.” This time, “our common difficulties” do not concern “only material things,” but our lives.

Nationwide vaccination began after WW2;[xxiv] although Hitler was defeated, his policies lived on. Hunger Games is not a metaphor, but an accurate description of what only a few hundred CEO’s and shareholders (the Capital) do to the entire world (the Districts). Their hundreds of billions of dollars in profit come from one source alone: the suffering and death of everyone you have ever loved.

Remember, mass extermination events are not profitable. There is no coming cataclysm to fear other than what the Earth must do to stabilize the climate. Like Galton said, they are a little too hard to get away with, because “there exists a sentiment, for the most part unreasonable, against the gradual extinction of an inferior race,” but “it is nothing of the kind when the process of extinction works silently and slowly.”[xxv] Your extermination is already well underway, injected into your veins and served to you in every food source- by people who, like the Nazis, are just following orders.

There is no ‘bad gene’ responsible for any chronic disease- that is eugenics. No chromosome explains the sudden onset of nervous system damage, only how each person will respond to excitation. Either no cure will ever exist, or it already does- but they are available only to billionaires, the 1% of the 1%. That makes us, the 99.99% masses of workers, the inferior race to be exploited, then exterminated.

We are not just barcodes, but numerical values- and we are worth far less in terms of lifetime earnings, than what we will pay in healthcare costs. Only we can save ourselves from this hell on Earth, and make the corporations answer for what they have done, in the only way they respond to: money. We can easily take the few cowards who profit from the suffering of billions, but we must get MAD!


Note: To anyone who says ‘those quotes were taken out of context.’ Actually, all quotes are taken out of context, unless one reprints the entire article or book. Problems only arise when the quotes are selected in a way that changes the original meaning intended by the author. I did not do that. Stop using or falling for rhetoric tactics, and check for yourself.

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[ii] This is my personal discovery, built on the work of many brave researchers and doctors. To list the proof would require at least one hundred studies, and the explanation would be longer than this piece of writing. In the future, I will prove it all, step by step, disease by disease: stay tuned.

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