25 Taliban killed in southern Afghanistan

Afghan policemen inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand Province. (file photo)

Fierce clashes between Afghan security forces and Taliban militants have killed 25 militants in the troubled southern Afghanistan, security sources say.

According to local Afghan officials, firefight erupted as a group of heavily-armed militants ambushed security forces in Girishk town of Helmand Province on Sunday afternoon.

Eyewitnesses and local residents said the intense battle continued for hours.

Security forces also seized a large cache of heavy weapons and ammunitions from the arrested militants.

The Taliban militant group has not yet commented on these developments.

Local Afghan security forces are increasingly taking the lead in security operations ahead of the expected withdrawal of US forces next year.

In late April, the Taliban announced the start of their annual “spring offensive” against US-led and Afghan forces, vowing a new wave of attacks across Afghanistan.

The announcement prompted Afghan authorities to beef up security in major cities across the country, including the capital city of Kabul.

The United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan as part of Washingtonâ„¢s so-called war on terror in 2001. The offensive removed the Taliban from power, but the country is still gripped by insecurity.


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Republished from: Press TV