1000s mark Bloody Sunday anniversary

1000s mark Bloody Sunday anniversary in Derry, N. Ireland

Thousands of marchers in the Northern Irish city of Derry have marked the 41st anniversary of Bloody Sunday when British army soldiers opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in the killing 14 people.

Reports put the number of marchers at up to 3,000 who listened to an address by Bernadette McAliskey, the main speaker at the Bloody Sunday rally in 1972.

The British army formerly maintained that the civil rights protestors were armed, had become violent and had instigated a gunfight.

However, following a public inquiry the Prime Minister finally apologized to the families in June 2010, cleared the protestors’ names and said the shooting by the army was an “unjustified and unjustifiable” attack on unarmed protesters.

Northern Ireland’s top policeman has confirmed that a murder inquiry will finally be launched but such an investigation is said to take around four years.

This comes as families of the victims of the massacre say members of the Parachute Regiment involved in the killings should be arrested and put to trial as soon as possible.