When truth is under attack

By JA Blacker MSc IMI, Science correspondent
RINF Alternative News

Bullying journalists endangers us all

RINF has acquired first hand experience – the UK is now in the early stages of becoming a police state directed solely for the benefit of the ruling elite, but the cops on the ground doing the harassment are fairly friendly “just taking orders” – just like in 1932 NAZI Germany.
As a science reporter it is my job to accurately report to our readers police roadblock activities, but when the officers will not even give their names or the name of the operation because they are told not to, but demand your details – then you know the Police Authority have something sinister to hide.

“Common Purpose” is what they have to hide folks.” Common Purpose” is a well-funded EU organisation set up by the Euro political elite to undermine our British “Common LAW” democracy and the UK police; courts, judiciary and every facet of UK authorities are riddles with these characters like a spreading Cancer.

Many good colleagues would simply not even know who or what these characters are – and what their real adgender is. But here is how to spot one: Check out this Video

Ever wondered why our public services are becoming much more expensive, less efficient and more draconian, well now you know.

1st of December this year is being used by “Common Purpose” infested police forces up and down the UK as another excuse to harass law abiding shoppers & motorists, and apparently law abiding Journalists who report the harassment on the ground.

Drink Driving is unwelcome by anyone with an atom of respect for fellow motorist & general public alike, indeed it should not be understated, this is withought doubt an abhorrent activity and its potential for devastating innocent lives is very real. I personally would lock each and every Drink Driver up for a minimum of 30 days with only bread & water and those who cause fatality & Injury should be tried for MURDER or attempted MURDER.

BUT: The simple fact is more people will die from Smoking at Christmas than die from Drink Driving; taking all the hard drugs combined, Swigging Alcohol or ANY other activity!!! Including ALL Terrorism deaths, JET CRASH deaths, TRAIN CRASH deaths & every other type of Incident/ Accident – by a factor of 10 with room to spare.

If it really were about saving peoples lives at Christmas would the authorities not have Roadblocks about “Smoking”? How stupid would that be to most people? Yet Carbon Monoxide from Cigarettes sends folk to sleep at the wheel. Tobacco products harm those who take them & are harming those kids in the car being driven from A to B whilst having to suck it in!

Should we not be sick to the back teeth of NAZI dressed storm troopers with skinhead style JACK boots from stopping us going about our lawful business at Roadblocks based upon what is in reality a “Common Purpose” PLOY?

Are Roadblocks something you use to see in third world BANANA republics only –
Apparently not, according to one relatively friendly bunch of Cops who gave me the once over on Saturday 01st December. One chap in charge (WAS NOT GIVING HIS DETAILS) says he has been doing roadblocks for over 10 years.

Can anyone else remember roadblocks prior to “Common Purpose” riddled NEW LABOUR?

Why are there never any Roadblocks in the pub car parks, would it not be better to stop the problem at source rather than let it get on the road to start with? How about starting at the pubs the cops frequent and then work on the Clubs Barristers & Judges get sloshed at?

Now, as it so happens these officers were dressed like Storm troopers but it’s because they also do drug raids and respond to bar brawl punkouts, etc according to the (Anonymous) team leader. He claimed the other officers were on their TEA break. Cough Cough!

But that is the point exactly is it not?

If we wanted Storm troopers stomping about stopping traffic at checkpoints – we would have invited Hitler to do the job?

WELL, as you have observed from the video that is exactly what is being foisted on the unsuspected British Public by the back door – here is how their dictatorship style patter goes:

“Do you mind being stopped to help us with our drink drive campaign Sir/Madam?”

If you say you DO object, you then become a SUSPECT – in turn your car is searched and all your stuff thrown about and you are given the Christmas once over.

The Cops report back to COP HQ that most of the public do not mind being stopped to help the DD campaign. This is reported correctly, but in such a slanted way, because as one officer let slip “It keeps us in a JOB”.

And it is all very true; the vast majority of people do indeed say they welcome the Cop Checkpoints. Indeed I got the opportunity to ask one motorist before the Storm troopers harassed and stopped me for reporting the truth, and he “the motorist” wished to remain anonymous, clearly was not happy, but felt he had no other option but to put up with the police checkpoint and the inconvenience he was subjected. In fact his facial expressions of clear stress did not match him saying he did not mind – the guy looked like he was ready to have a heart attack. What would you say to an enquiring journalist if you had a cop dressed like a storm trooper stood over?

It was then my turn to receive the once over: the officer refused to give his name despite three separate polite requests and said he was not prepared to give his details at all. I then took the officers number L975 of which he was clearly not pleased. Well, as you can guess my scientific & journalistic curiosity questioned, why hide your name, if a public servant, and if indeed – one has nothing to hide?

I gave the officer my RINF.COM press badge and asked, “Could you tell me the name of this harassment operation officer?” I had already introduced myself to the officer in charge as John Blacker RINF.COM Science correspondent. For public information the storm troopers were operating from Lancaster (BLACK MERIA) Police unit registration X771 JEC at 20:06 on Saturday 01 December on Morecambe Road Lancaster England.

The officer then started to trump up charges of interfering with police duties & wasting police time because I was at the Roadblock asking questions. I then remarked, “It’s a public place; I am press reporting events live for RINF.COM.” The officer then claimed I should have followed press protocol and downloaded the official press release from the Internet.

LET US BE Absolutely clear here, this was suppression of the PRESS media, this was a deliberate stopping of me doing a lawful activity and reporting on the ground police harassment of motorists, disguised as Christmas DD campaign on 1st December 2007.

I was asked if I minded my vehicle being searched and I said I certainly do mind but go ahead.

Well, what do you know; as luck would have it — an emergency ensues — In the boot of my car appeared to be a juicy stash of contraband. I wonder how they got there?

Well, anyway, “HANDS UP!” “Step away from the vehicle!!”

I thought the officers handled this bit really well. Now, this is what we are paying these guys for, not to stop old codgers after dark frightening heart failure.

Anyway, after explaining the situation all was in order.

However before departing:

I took it upon myself to clearly inform the officers of X771 JEC that 911 was an inside job and so were the 7/7 London Bombings. They did not argue – because they already knew.

Indeed, I went on to explain US VICE President DICK CHENEY is being impeached for High Crimes. I told those good police officers that if they wanted real information they would have to go to RINF.COM as the mainstream media is not reporting worthy news such as WAR CROOK Cheney’s impeachment for high crimes.

Let us not forget this; it was first responders who were murdered along with ordinary civilians by Government Criminals on 911.

As I promised the officers of X771 JEC – Here is Dick Cheney impeachment video 2007:

Now we all know how much the UK news is being censored – and how free the UK press actually is.

Would you not expect Dick Cs Impeachment to be reported on the BBC as top headline news?

Surely, the best way to target & catch Road Hogs & motor offenders such as Drink Drivers is for the officers to be mobile, patrolling in groups of two or three. If that system was so inefficient – then why do police use it most of the time & the UK courts /JAILS are full?

Isn’t the REAL TRUTH the roadblock system is used in the run up to Christmas to lighten the loads on the justice services and at the same time groom the unsuspecting public to accept “Common Purpose” EU draconian adgender?