What if the government was behind 9/11?

We must be on lookout for domestic US terrorists – What if the Government did 911 or helped the terrorists on 911?

By J A Blacker
RINF Alternative News

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance,” Thomas Jefferson once said.

The New York Police Department has now shown that, to protect against the rising threat of home-grown terrorism, Americans must exert a far more robust brand of vigilance than has been done to date. That should include all vigilance, surely?

What if the government did 911? That would explain why the air force scrambled no jets, why the rubble was removed from ground zero without due process and why the towers fell at freefall speed (explosives). In fact if the government did 911 it is consistent with most of the available evidence.

We should bolster our efforts to find the terrorist plots that are simmering in homegrown cells within those government departments.

That means that, as Americans, we should eschew the reflexive criticism to which we often subject our society and understand that, in the battle for hearts and minds, we can be our nation’s best ambassadors.

Most of all, what we learn is that, as Americans, we all have a role to play in protecting ourselves from homegrown terrorism. We cannot subcontract the task to law enforcement, as they may be corrupt.

We must open our eyes and ears a bit wider, and we must become a bit more willing to pass along what we see and hear. It’s our job to speak up when we see any evidence the government was involved in 911 such as for example Marvin Bush was in charge of security at both the WTC and the airport prior to 911.

Why did the CIA chief have millions in AA PUT options, and who did fund the terrorists — why has the government failed to tell us even these simple fact?