9/11 – Was the Bush administration complicit?

by Citizen Sage

The unanswered questions about 9-11 can no longer be ignored. A new, more comprehensive investigation by the US Congress is required, given all of the unusual circumstantial evidence on 9-11. Although it happened 6 years ago, the questions just won’t go away. Unless such an investigation is done, the conspiracy theories will only gain more traction with the American people and call into doubt what really happened forever more. Because of the importance of 9-11 in launching America on a War on Terror and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the issues demand closer review, than what now appears to have been a whitewash by the first 9-11 Commission.

In Project for a New American Century, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other prominent neo-cons called for a new “Pearl Harbor” in order to create a pretext for curtailing American civil liberties and embarking on pre-emptive wars against regimes they did not like. It is now known that Cheney, Rumsfeld and other neo-cons within the Bush Administration were planning a war on Iraq long before 9-11, just as they are now planning for pre-emptive strikes on Iran in defiance of the wishes of the majority of the American people.

On 9/11/2001, Dick Cheney was coordinating multiple war games intended to prepare for the type of terrorist strike that happened. Due to the war games, military personnel that would otherwise be available to respond to 9-11 were otherwise engaged. Cheney instructed NORAD defenses to stand down that day. He even instructed that flight 77 be allowed to proceed without being intercepted. Why would that be, if it was not a false flag event?

After the first plane flew into WTC, George W. Bush was strangely unperturbed and continued to read a book to elementary school children, despite it obviously being an disaster of international proportions. When he finished his visit to the school, he was unable to reach Dick Cheney for an additional period of about 20 minutes, vital time that could have been used to send rescue helicopters to WTC. Could it be that it was not a complete surprise?

George W. Bush claimed that there were no prior indications of a 9-11 event, however in August, he received an intelligence briefing report that specifically indicated that Osama Bin Ladin was thought to be planning a major terrorist event and that hijacking of planes was a possible scenario. A NORAD war game planning event before 9-11 made specific reference to Osama and hijacking. There were numerous warnings from foreign intelligence services indicating a heightened risk for terrorism. However, Bush was either ignoring these indicators and/or being dishonest about it.

Marvin Bush, George W. Bush’s brother, was directly responsible for the security of the World Trade Center buildings from the 1992 terrorist bombing attack until September 11, 2001. Ownership of the WTC buildings was changed and insurance for terrorist acts was increased dramatically only several weeks before 9-11.

Various survivor/witnesses of 9-11 reported hearing explosions just before and as the buildings collapsed. Authorities attempted to suppress these stories. Brigham Young Physics Professor J. Jones analyzed dust from the collapsed WTC buildings and found evidence of demolition explosives. When the buildings collapsed, they came down at free fall speed, despite having been built to withstand many times their weight and specifically, a plane wreck. Photos of the metal beams show visual evidence of liquidization of the metal, due to demolition chemicals. Videos of other high rises that were purposefully felled by demolition show similar free fall characteristics.

However, where demolition was not done, collapsed high rises do not fall so neatly and larger pieces remain standing. The heat required to melt the structural elements of the WTC buildings would not be created by aircraft fuel, similar to kerosene. Also, the amount of debris from the WTC buildings’ should have been much greater and there should have been many more larger pieces of debris if the building’s collapse did not involve additional accelerants.

Some analysts indicate that the preponderance of fine dust is indicative of possible use of small hydrogen bombs, of the type only available from Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Reactor. There were several suspicious Israelis who were detained after the 9-11 WTC terrorist explosions, apparently after being seen repeatedly giving each other “high five” celebratory congratulations. They were quitly released, without explanation. This sequence of events could be seen as eerily paralleling what happened in 1967 when Israel was accused by American survivors of deliberately attempting to sink the USS liberty and kill all aboard. Israel has a history of fabricating pretexts for pre-emptive strikes on Arab neighbors, including in 1956 and 1967 against Egypt. Israel has been a srong proponent first of the war on Iraq and now on Iran.

That the FBI confiscated and destroyed all photos of the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9-11 begs the question of why all the secrecy, if there was nothing to hide? Sure, there was damage done and people killed, but why no photos of the airplane as it came in or after it collided? Some conspiracy theorists believe it might have been a different plane or even a missile that hit the Pentagon. Some believe that one of the planes that hit the WTC was actually a Boeing fueling plane

Why WTC7 collapsed at 5:30 pm, many hours after the planes collided into the other two towers is very curious indeed. It also fell without any resistence from its structual beams. Physics cannot explain how that would hapopen unassisted. The only logical explanation is that it was helped along with demolition charges and indeed such evidence was found in the debris.

Despite assurances that a recurrence of 9-11 was impossible, five years later, a small plane again flew into a New York City highrise. This time it was an American baseball player who was the pilot and it was an apartment building that was hit. What if it had been al-Qaeda and the plane had been full of explosives? Just as with the WTC terrorist event, there was not a single government official who took responsibility for allowing this to happen! If Americans had to give uyp civil liberties, due tot he so-called “Patriot Act”, why shouldn’t someone in government be required to accept responsibility and resign? In other countries, that would happen.

Whether there was active participation by the Bush Administration or 9-11 was merely allowed to happen, whether or not there was involvement by Israelis or even whether or not it was perpetrated by al-Qaeda, we deserve a full and open investigation. There are enough loose ends that 9-11 conspiracy theorists will always be convinced that we were not given the whole story, unless a comprehensive investigation is made public. We deserve to know what really happened, regardless of where the chips fall. The implications are too profound to ignore and pretend that it has been put to rest. The evidence points towards a cover-up or worse. The issues are too serious to leave things as they are. America deserves answers, not obsfucation.