State of the root causes of debris

First of all, state phenomenon often with the debris of the “national construction,” about the history. Now a lot of the root causes of the separatist movement must be traced back to the history of the Imperial era, the colonial era, the independent – the founding period. Empire and the colonial administrative boundaries is not naturally formed, not-Cultural Community, but the Community of force is formed through brutal means – either brutally forced to bundle together a number of ethnic groups, or being rude to the same ethnic groups isolation of the people in the border ends. Thus leaving the ethnic separatist movement troubles.

So later separatist movement there are two main forms, a separate country is separated, and the other is with the peoples of neighbouring countries with a total of the group.

Secondly, after the modernization of national independence movement, a market economy triggered a local awareness campaign, ethnic awareness rejuvenation. Many minority groups because of looting, exploitation, development dividend and share less than Heart resentment. If the rich local resources, minority groups will have a sense of sovereignty over resources, such as the United Kingdom North Sea area was rich in oil resources, Scotland in the separatist movement on rising up.

Third, the State of the debris with the phenomenon of the political system. To Indonesia as an example, after the fall of Suharto, many parts of the country separatist movements and ethnic conflicts, which are considered to democratization in Indonesia as a result of restructuring, I think just the opposite: it is precisely this situation Suha care caused by the totalitarian system. Generally speaking, the autocratic may promote economic growth, but it is difficult to promote the comprehensive development of society, it is difficult to create truly national internal harmony. Under the rule of Suharto, and the island of Java in Indonesia, “the island,” the big and small ethnic groups, cities and villages, and powerful class and the disadvantaged groups, there is a lot of unfairness, which generated a serious social crisis . This community may have a光鲜shell, but has internal powder, and of the debris.

Fourth, the separatist movement and the international political struggle are inextricably linked. The impact of the latter on the former include: (1) Based on the same ethnic group, with a cultural system of international support. If the Kosovo Albanian independence movement by Albania’s covert support of the Philippines Muslim separatist movement by the international Islamic extremist forces support. (B) the contemporary world politics, the country is mainly political, separatist movement by the big powers inevitably political influence. In many cases, this means the United States is big country. However, the United States treatment of foreign separatist movement’s attitude is selective, often with the geo-political and economic interests are linked together. (C) The rights and interests of domestic ethnic minorities of the international humanitarian intervention, the objective encourage separatist movements. (4) In the absence of the United Nations, not the international peacekeeping force in the 19th century, small countries to survive will be more difficult. But now the overall international environment of great change, Anthony H. Birch said: contemporary international system so that small country more secure and easy to survive.