Mr 911 – The Giuliani Anthem

A new animated short that lampoons and exposes Rudy Giuliani is making waves on the internet.

The cartoon, produced by titled Mr 911, pulls no punches as it highlights Giuliani’s consistent use of 9/11 for political and personal gain, delves into his mob connections and his relationship with the now disgraced former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik.

The short is a parody of an original campaign ad by John F Kennedy which aired in 1960.

“This cartoon promises to go where others have fallen short.” the Heada’State group states on its website.

“Heada’State aims to give life to those little read back page stories in the newspaper that have such a large effect in the world. Our subject is not just the news, but the people who are a part of that often misinterpreted world.” creator Andrew Arnold continues.

The creators are taking one dollar donations to determine who will be their next target for lampoonery. All candidates are in the frame except for Ron Paul. Should the Congressman be the top vote winner, the Heada’State crew will create a special positive ad in his honor.

Visit the site and vote for Ron Paul!