FOX-5 Foreknowledge of WTC-7 Collapse

Lee Rogers UPDATE2: Upon further review, it looks as if this was reported a few minutes after the actual collapse at 5:20 PM, so it might not have been a live shot. So it isn’t as damning as the BBC and CNN clips are, but it is still strong evidence indicating that someone was feeding the media with the structural damage story in advance. The fact that they were parroting the official story of the WTC-7 collapse minutes after the event is ridiculous even after they watched the building come down at free fall speed.

UPDATE: I might have rushed to get this out a bit too quickly last night without verifying the time stamp on the clip. I’ll review the archives again and double check to see if the timestamp matches up with the actual building collapse. The thumbnails indicate that this might have been reported a few minutes past 5:20 PM EST. If it doesn’t match up with the actual time of the event than they might have been looking at a taped version of the collapse. Either way, there is no disputing the BBC and CNN clips of foreknowledge and there is no doubt that Fox-5, the BBC and CNN were being fed the same information for the cover story of the collapse. Even if they are watching a taped version, it is ridiculous that they already had a prepared report that mirrors the official story of the collapse minutes right after the building fell.

It is a known fact that both CNN and the BBC reported on September 11th, 2001 that WTC-7 a 47-story building had collapsed despite the fact that the building was still standing in their own video footage. These video clips are proof that someone fed information to the media with a cover story for the WTC-7 building collapse knowing full well that the building was going to be brought down in advance. The only way that they could know that the building was coming down in advance, is if the building was to be intentionally brought down with explosives. How could anyone predict a building coming down that had very little fire damage unless they knew that a controlled demolition was set to take place? The official story of structural failure just doesn’t add up. Amazingly, it appears now that CNN and the BBC weren’t the only news agencies to have been fed and reported on this information prior to WTC-7’s actual collapse. Video footage straight from the September 11th, 2001 Internet archives shows the news anchors from Fox’s Washington DC affiliate Fox-5 reporting that a 47-story building had collapsed in downtown New York City and just moments later their own video footage shows the same building they said already collapsed, collapse at free fall speed. The video clip is surreal. Watch the approximately three-minute long segment below. The raw WMV file can be downloaded here, or view the full clip from the Internet Archive, here.

The video footage speaks for itself. Fox-5 anchor Tracey Neale says that a 47-story building had collapsed in downtown Manhattan which is an obvious reference to WTC-7 because it too was a 47-story building in downtown Manhattan. Then just seconds after Neale reports on the building collapse, they witness WTC-7 collapse at free fall speed in their own video footage.

Following the collapse both news anchors state that the building must have come down due to structural failure which has of course been the official cover story for the WTC-7 collapse. Neale appears visibly flustered after she realizes that she reported on a building collapse in advance of the collapse actually happening. After the collapse, Neale’s co-anchor states the following which is incredibly surreal considering all the information that has now come out about the events of 9/11.

“We are seeing video today that only Hollywood could have produced at another time. We have seen the Twin Towers come apart right in front of our eyes. We have seen aircraft smashing in the side of them. Just now, we saw another building as a part of that complex go down. It is so unbelievable; it is so surreal, that it is very hard for most Americans, most anyone in the world to be able to grasp what is really taking place here. The folks running who are running things however do have a grasp of it.”

Below are the other known clips of media foreknowledge of the WTC-7 collapse from both CNN and the BBC.

BBC Reports WTC-7 Collapses Before Actual Event

CNN Reports WTC-7 Had Collapsed Before Actual Event

Can there be any doubt at this point in time that WTC-7 was brought down in a controlled demolition? We now have three major news networks reporting that WTC-7 collapsed before the event took place indicating that people had foreknowledge of the building collapse. The building fell in 6.5 seconds at free fall speed despite the building only have minor fire damage. Demolition experts have also watched the collapse of WTC-7 and have concluded that it was a controlled demolition.

Being that WTC-7 is a clear cut case of a controlled demolition, there is no way that a 47-story building could be wired with explosives in 8-hours worth of time right after the planes hit the Twin Towers. WTC-7 must have been wired with explosives in advance, indicating that someone knew what was going to happen on 9/11, meaning that the events of 9/11 were an inside job. This is just one of many pieces of evidence that indicate the official story is a complete and total fraud. The 9/11 Commission was formed to white wash the official story with establishment cronies like Phillip Zelikow placed on it to ensure that the investigation didn’t get too close to the Bush administration. This video clip is more proof that high profile individuals like Willie Nelson and Charlie Sheen who have come out questioning the official story of 9/11 are the true patriots and people like Bill O’Reilly who refuse to investigate this information and name call those who do are the real pinheads.