A Sit Down With An 9/11 Fire Fighter

A fire fighter’s testimony about what he experienced whilst fighting the fires on 911 has now been released.

Official government lies are being challenged not only by hard science, but also by the witnesses who are now recovering sufficiently from their shock and illnesses to tell their story.

We have a duty to listen with measured consideration so that we can understand. Currently we understand only the fictions; the conspiracy theories and the politically motivated untruths.

Prepare to be truly enlightened:-

Nearly 70 British people were murdered on 911 by terrorists – do we not have a personal duty to ensure the real terrorist conspirators are brought to justice?

If you like me, value true justice, the truth & fair law – then give this link to others who also wish to be set free from the official government lies.

Indeed, if one is not part of finding the truth, then by default, is one not part of the lie?