3 Reasons Your Company Needs A Blog

by Jasmine Alicia from 100 Web Hosting

In a world where technology has greatly flourished and widely used among businesses, companies and even the individuals, social media has become a popular way to market and to reach out to more prospective clients. The advertising world has undeniably taken an exciting turn, compared to years ago when companies usually marketed their products and services through campaign and ads on the television, radio or through posters and various print advertisements. Now, everything seem to be going for the high-tech way.

Companies have already adapted to a much more social trend which is really popular these days due to a higher percentage of people using computers and the Internet as their primary source of information. More and more businesses and service providers are turning to social media and blogs as a convenient and faster way to reach the attention of a larger audience across the globe!

A blog, the short term for “web blog” is very similar to a journal, which is chronological and updated regularly by an individual or a team of people with entries that are generally aimed for the consumption of Internet users. Entries can range from a wide variety of topics and are usually done to provide any information which an individual might need. So, why does a company need a blog?

1. Communication channel with customers

A company blog serves the same purpose just like an individual blog. It can be used as one of the company’s avenue to communicate with their customers, to solicit feedback from them, and to understand their needs. A blog can also provide the latest information on their products and services as well as carry updates and promotional campaigns.

2. Build the public image for the company

A company blog is also important to help build the public image for the company. With more personalized entries, people will realize that there is so much more to a company aside from its corporate outlook. Moreover, it is also a way of opening up your company’s potentials to cater for a wider horizon. Through the internet, information spreads quickly and vastly, thus increasing a company’s popularity. A company blog is also a way of building a strong name or brand.

3. Blogs are great for search engine marketing

Blogs are organic traffic magnets. If a blog is updated regularly and packed with rich keywords, they will be frequented by the search engine spiders to index the blog. The search engine spiders love fresh content as these are their “food”. You feed them well and they will certainly bring the blog with a huge amount of traffic.

As the blog’s readership expands, the overall site traffic will usually increase as well. This means the regular pages (the corporate website) are getting more attention as well, and the company is getting more potential customers!

Well, there you are. The top three reasons why a company or a business should have a blog.
It is indeed an indispensable “tool” which will help a company achieve greater success in its industry. Hence, if you are the owner of a company or you are planning to start one, you should really consider having a blog for your company.

Jasmine is an experienced web developer, web consultant and web hosting enthusiast. She is also the chief editor at Best Web Host – a web hosting review and resources website. Check out the website for the top 10 web hosting plans today.