Where have all the keywords gone?

by Nitin Aggarwal

All the great keywords seem to be taken already. Or is that so? Is there anything called a great keyword? Actually, to me, one man’s keyword is another’s poison. There is no such thing as a universally great keyword. Let us examine a few premises.

A keyword is one which opens the door to the search engine results

If you have good keyword placement within your website content, you will get into the first page of search engine results. This is true to a large extent, provided you do some other things parallel. One of them is creating quality backlinks. By quality, I mean backlinks which emanate or originate from high PR websites. Mind you, that Google says that Page rank has nothing to do with search page results. A combination of backlinks and keywords is likely to open the gates of Google search heaven, provided the keywords you choose are not competitive.

What should you do if your keywords are in fact too popular?

The answer is simple. Use long tailed keywords. For example, you can use, ‘How to use a digital pen’ instead of ‘Digital pen’. Invariably fewer people are going to search for your long tailed keyword. But even if you get a handful of them typing in these long tailed keywords, your job is done. I admit that the risk you take with long tailed keywords is high. But it is worth a shot.

Keyword relevance is extremely important

In our quest for high search ranking results, we sometimes lose sight of the ultimate goal. When a person clicks on your link, he must get what you had promised in the description. If this doesn’t happen, the entire effort of yours will go waste. If you do a search for a particular keyword, you will find that most of the first page results are leading you to unrelated pages. This is in spite of the efforts made by Google to provide you with only relevant search results. Why does this happen? In my view, it is the result of a mad rush for coming first in search results ranking. No one seems to bother, whether you are finding the right target audience. We are interested only in clicks.

Is there an alternative to keywords?

Let me be brutally frank. Google sits on top of the search mountain. There is no better way to conduct internet marketing, other than through Google organic search or through their paid search campaign called AdWords. In this scenario, you have to work with keywords or with strategies which work around keywords. Latent semantic index seems to be a good way to work around keywords. The effectiveness of LSI depends upon the way you implement it. However, it is quite easy to incorporate LSI into your content.


The search for keywords will continue unabated. What you should emphasize is the relevance of keywords to your specific case. There is no point appearing on the first page of search results unless, the keyword is highly relevant to you. Long tail keywords can sometimes work to your benefit, though your audience automatically reduces.

Author Bio:
Nitin Aggarwal owns the company Offshore Ally. It offers professional virtual assistant and link building services. He is an Internet marketing enthusiast and loves to read about new SEO strategies, social media, blogging, SEM etc. Connect with him via Twitter.