When It Comes To Online Success Passion Is A Key

by Noel Proulx

It isn’t just how great your search engine optimization is, or how much advertising you buy, and not even how many back links you can get, that can make your site successful. It is how passionate you are about what the core of your site is that is the biggest key to making your site the place to go for similarly interested users.

Take a moment to let that sink in because I know there are a million articles and marketing programs that tell you otherwise. They put the idea in your head that all you have to do is find some niche, market it for a bit, then watch the dollars roll in. I won’t say that that can’t work, it’s just not that likely if you don’t have a real personal attachment to what you are trying to deliver to people.

Imagine this scenario. You do some keyword research and find that ‘custom motorcycle seats’ gets a fair amount of searches and has little competition. You however know nothing about motorcycle seats or just what a custom one is. You spend weeks doing research, develop some good original content for your site, and marketing it. Not to long afterwards you start to see some ok traffic and some sales. Now that your site is kicking off you need to develop more content to get people coming back, the problem is you have no idea what to write about next and it’s back to the research to write your next article. After awhile you are just going through the motions and your content is either culled from other sites, giving you duplicate content problems, or becomes generic and uninteresting to your followers.

This will usually lead to a drop of in visits to your site and its eventual demise.

On the other hand you have an idea for a site all about quilting, perhaps the searches are not quite as good or the competition is stronger, but you have been quilting for twenty years and whenever you get together with other quilters you can talk about for hours on end. This passion allows you to write quality articles quickly with very little research needed, and you always have another good idea for the next one. This will come across on your site and will probably lead to more organic linking and return users. It might take a little longer to get off the ground but in the long run it will pay off in the usefulness of your site and the loyalty you will develop with your clients.

Don’t get me wrong SEO and how well you market your site are vital the health of your business and you should devote a substantial amount of time to them, but why give yourself two jobs (promotion and development) when you can focus on one as work and one as a hobby.

In short, don’t make adding content to your web site a chore, make it something you look forward to doing. In the end it will show.

Noel Proulx is an online game developer, web designer, and SEO for Ititans Internet Development