The Bold New Face of Article Marketing

The days are limited for a wimpy, weak style of article marketing based on churning out slightly modified versions of the same content after ‘spinning’ some terms and phrases using online thesaurii and word banks. Technology will soon become powerful enough to do this automatically – and algorithms will grow smart enough to sniff them out, and then suitably devalue them.

But does this automatically mean article marketing is dead in a post-Panda world? Absolutely not. Indeed, this paradigm shift in Google’s approach to valuing and indexing the Web’s content may well mark a renaissance in quality content delivery.

Here’s what your article marketing needs to do in the future to survive – and thrive.

Your Article Must Stand Alone

Think about the reasons behind why you would try article marketing in the past. It was usually in order to get back-links from an author resource box pointing to your website. If you were lucky, you managed to squeeze in an additional link or two into the content itself. And the more times you got these ‘link-carriers’ out onto multiple Web properties, the more successful you used to be.

Not any more. Scrapers and unscrupulous content pirates are ready to steal the content you painstakingly pieced together – but without giving you credit for it. They’re re-publishing your article, minus your author resource box.

What can you do about it?

Get your article to stand alone. Yes, without back-links, without resource boxes, without attribution, your content must be able to make a mark in the minds of your audience. But how to do that? Let’s talk about that next.

Your Article Must Make a Statement

For too long, articles have been mere sentences strung together into content chunks with little purpose or strategy behind their creation and distribution. Today’s smart article marketers are moving beyond this to create articles that make a statement.

The successful article of the future will create an impact by becoming the vehicle that spreads a message. The article will however do more than ferry an idea or concept from writer to reader. It will do so in a way that is inimitable, memorable and sears its way into a prospect’s mind so that they won’t ever forget it. In that sense, a well-crafted article from a master wordsmith will extend the writer’s brand everywhere.

Your Article Must Brand You

Yes, your article must brand you – and do it even without needing recourse to a ‘resource box’ at the bottom. Your style must be distinctive. Your subject matter must be exceptionally expert. Your mission must be passionate. And your targeting must be laser-focused.

A 600-word article like this should be identifiable and easily recognized as coming from an Internet infopreneur like Dr.Mani simply by the way, the style, the energy and the focus with which it is written.

That isn’t going to happen when you write 5 articles, spin them 500 ways, and dump them onto 5,000 “article directories”. But it will happen when you write 500 articles and publish them on 50 authority websites and blogs in your niche, where they are read by the ideal audiences you want to reach.

This, in a nutshell, is the bold face of article marketing for the days ahead. Practice it, perfect it and profit from it. And plan on doing it fast, because before you know it, the future will be upon you!

Dr.Mani, author of ‘Think, Write & Retire’ – – is a heart surgeon, Internet infopreneur and social entrepreneur. Pick up his free ‘Infopreneur HOTSHEET‘ and learn more about information marketing at