Thank Goodness for Google Panda

When Google Panda was announced there were all sorts of rumbles of discontent from various quarters about how SEO has become more difficult for them. All sorts of website owners and SEO managers have had a good old moan about how their job is now much more difficult as they now need quality content more than ever. In all their complaints that Google are in the wrong for making things more difficult many seem to have missed something – making it more difficult is the entire point.

Throwing Out the Rubbish

As a freelance writer I have spent time browsing the global networking sites and although there is the occasional worthy job, much of it is quite soul destroying stuff. $0.50/hour, $0.001/word, and so on. I don’t know what’s more astonishing: That people would even consider paying such criminal rates for labour or that people would work for such a pittance. It actually seems to be considered an acceptable practice among many now to the point where anybody that is unwilling to work for such low amounts is criticised for it. I have literally been called greedy for being unwilling to work for $2/hour, that won’t even cover the tea that I drink. While I and others are able to rise above the exploitation and work for what we are worth, it is still saddening to see that many others are treated in such contempt by the greedy.

When you have people that are trying to pay so little in their SEO efforts, it is clear that you should not expect anything even resembling quality. The internet is full of ‘spammy’ material that is of no good to anybody, making the net much less useful than it otherwise could be. The internet has the potential to be such a powerful tool for all of us but unfortunately it is being exploited by too many people that are out for nothing more than a quick buck.

Time to Pay for Quality

One of the saddest things about the huge amount of spam that can be found on the internet is that the sites with genuine quality that could be of real use to people are often being overshadowed by the junk. Not everybody has the know-how or the financial means to compete against spammers with greater resources so a lot of really good sites go unnoticed. The good news is that Google are well aware of this and have sent along Google Panda to the rescue.

With Google Panda trying to give priority to sites with quality content; sub-par material will soon become completely useless. This means that, hopefully, the spammers will soon realise that they are not wanted and that they will need to buck up their ideas or look elsewhere for their ill sought gains. This will hopefully have the effect of allowing some of the smaller, quality sites rise up the rankings giving web surfers what they asked for rather than nonsensical off topic rubbish. Even if Google Panda is not the magic wand that will get rid of all the spammers on the net, it is certainly signifying Google’s intent that they are not wanted. Although Google Panda may mean that SEO will be more difficult, it should be embraced by anybody with a genuine and useful website.

By Chris Hoole. Google Panda is a great thing for good quality websites. An SEO copywriter from Apple Copywriting will help you to benefit from what Google Panda brings.