Start-Up Tips on Starting Your SEO Campaign on the Right Path

While I am fully aware that great optimisation for search engines needs to be handled by a professional, I have learnt a few tricks on the way. If you are starting up and looking to take on the search engines and win it can be a good idea to start optimising immediately. Ranking well in the results pages can take a lot of time but it’s worth it. I receive my highest amount of traffic from Google and finally I am managing to secure more clients through my site alone. I do have experts assisting me but I thought I’d share some tips to help you get started on the right path.

Blogging has Many Benefits, One of them is Optimisation

Since creating a blog on my site the content and URLs has increased on a daily basis. I use one keyword per blog and add deeper links into my website. However, my main focus is to create useful content which will benefit my readers. Blogs are great for link building as I am able to share each of the new URLs online via sites such as social bookmarking, social media, and blogging directories.  In addition to the great build-up of links I am also able to show off my skills on a daily basis and use words to build trust between my traffic and my business.

Get Known for What You Do

If you become confident with your writing skills it’s a good idea to build links on other websites. In the early days I would submit guest blog posts to relevant sites and in return they provided me with one or two links heading back to my site. I still use guest blogging although these days I need to hire a writer to help me cope as I have a lot more clients to work for than I did when I started. I now use press releases which help optimisation too. If you don’t know where to add press releases and blog posts you may need to ask a professional but if you spend some time researching online you should gain some information which will help you start building those first few external links.

Yes, You Do Need Social Media

Social media works on many different levels, but if you know how they benefit you they are worth the time. Some people are able to use social media to gain clients directly, others use it to build a network and some will use it to improve customer services. One point which is worth noting is social media sites help with link building campaigns for everyone. Make sure you have profiles on all of the major networking sites including Facebook, Google + and Twitter and add all your links as they are created.

If you really want to gain the most from social media it’s important to share other people’s content, speak to people and have a genuine presence online. If you are seen as a spammer you will only put people off.  Add links to your social media profiles onto your website and vice versa. Let people know you can be reached there and you should find in time your fan base grows. The more time you put into socialising the better but at least remember to add your links.

Stop Using Those Keywords So Much

Over using keywords is a very bad, yet surprisingly common rookie mistake. You need to avoid using keywords in every paragraph, stick to once or twice per 500 words at the most. It’s far more important to make sure you have good content which can be read and understood as search engines will rank you higher for using this approach.

The experts at SEO Traffic Lab are able to help your optimisation campaign and make a real difference into your ranking in search engines such as Google.