Making the Perfect Sandwich — SEO Style

by Jenny Pilley

Now, I don’t mean to kick-start anyone’s hunger pangs, but my colleagues were pretty impressed with my packed lunch the other day. To the normal eye this may have seemed just another normal sandwich; bread and filling. But made with key ingredients, thoughtfulness and a lot of time, I created the ultimate sandwich comprising of freshly baked bread, caramelised onion chutney, rocket and baby spinach salad, peppered ham and slithers of brie.

This may not appeal to everyone’s pallet, and this is by no means promotion of my culinary skills, but it got me thinking about how a little imagination and determination turned something that could have been just a tummy-rumble preventative, to an enjoyable and highly fulfilling afternoon meal.

So what on earth has this got to do with SEO?

Well if you think carefully about the processes and layers that went into making that successful sandwich, it was more effort than many people want to undertake at 7.15 am. With SEO, you have so many strategies that need to take place, but in what order should they go, how can they be adapted, and how do they grab people’s attention?

Of course we all know the basics, and making a sandwich isn’t brain surgery, yet it still turned heads, and whet various appetites; isn’t this exactly what businesses want to achieve on the web?

So can you make the perfect SEO sandwich using the ingredients highlighted above?

Bread: Ideas

Obviously this needs to be fresh. There is no point working with over used, over produced and overly stodgy ideas. The perfect ideas need time, they must be worked on in order to find what’s most suitable to the aim and objectives.
The ideas will eventually be the foundations on which success is built upon, which is why the ideas need to be thought out carefully and precisely. Obviously SEO is not a new concept, and is always changing but you can make it suit you and change the recipe of how you make your online marketing strategy succeed.

Caramelised Onion Chutney: Unique Twist

Now many people have ketchup, or even brown sauce, and of course the most common spread to have is butter! But just like this sandwich, you need to put your own twist on your campaign that suits your needs and gives it more oomph.
There are so many companies jumping on the SEO bandwagon that you need to have the urge to fight for the top spots. Whether it’s with a small, local business or global corporate giants, doing something different that appeals to different tastes, will open up a world of opportunities that you never thought possible.

I’m not saying that sticking to what you know won’t work, but think outside the box and add that little something extra to your campaign and you will notice the difference.

Rocket and Baby Spinach Salad: Health of a Campaign

Whether you like salad or not, in this sandwich, it adds a tasty level. But honestly, that’s not why I added it; it was a simple way to have one of my 5 a day.

Now with an SEO campaign you need to make sure it stays healthy. There is no good piling on the links hoping Google won’t notice. It will sandbox you quicker than a toddler with a Barbie doll and with so much competition, it won’t be long before someone fitter, healthier and with longer legs with hop skip and jump into your prime position.

Ensure you do things you don’t like doing as this will all be in your favour in time to come.

Peppered Ham: Meat of a Campaign

Now we all need a filler (sorry if I offend any vegetarians reading) and ham was a perfect choice with the rest of this sandwich.
It gave bite as well as succulence and with the sweet chutney, peppery rocket and soft bread combined, it created a perfect symphony.

This is what any SEO campaign needs; meat. There needs to be some substance that works with all the other aspects. Whether this is a budding Social Media, magnificent copywriting or an honest and effective link building strategy every campaign needs one aspect that is gold.

Slithers of Brie; Appealing to different tastes.

Now to some; brie is a mild cheese, to others; a strong foreign taste. You can’t please everyone but what you must do is appeal to diverse audiences. Most people will try anything once, and if it appeals to them, then you’re onto a winner.

In SEO you won’t please everyone with your strategies or practices. But as long they are honest, and search engines see your hard work, there are no reasons to why you shouldn’t be a success online.

It takes time to prepare the perfect sandwich and also takes time to perfect it. So think about this before proceeding with an SEO campaign. With time, patience and lot of experimenting, you will come up with your own successful recipe.

Jenny Pilley is the Senior Content Writer at Creare; specialists in SEO, web design, ecommerce, internet marketing, email marketing and video production.