How to Optimize your Google Places Business Page?

Google Places is yet another free tool from Google’s chain of free products and services. However, unlike many other products, Google Places has become an absolute essential for small local businesses.

66% of Americans are using local searches to find businesses. Overall, 73% of the online activity is directly and indirectly connected to Google’s local content. These statistics show the value and importance of your Google Places’ business page.

The whole concept and idea in bringing your local business online is to gain more exposure, visibility and customers. A Google Places’ listing or business page is similar to your website, and needs to be optimized to gain superior rankings. The higher your Google Places business page will be, the greater customers and business you will receive.

Following are some important tips on how to optimize your Google Places business page:

1.   Get Citations:

The first tip to optimize your Google Places business page is to get as many citations as you can. Google specially prefers the most trusted candidates to be shown up in the rankings. You can gain Google’s trust — and the higher rankings as well — by get strong citations from verified and credible sources.

Citations, in other words, is a verification of your NAP information. NAP stands for:

–   Name
–   Address
–   Phone Number

Make sure that your NAP information is identical in all of the websites.,, etc. are some of the websites to get citations.

2.   Keywords:

Optimizing a website/blog and a Google Places business page is an entirely different thing. However, proper usage of keywords is equally important in both the cases. The tip is to wisely use all the potential, highly searched, targeted and relevant keywords in your Google Places business page. Proper keyword insertion will help you to get the required exposure in the search engine.

3.   Images and Videos:

Images and videos also play an important role in optimizing your Google Places business page. Google Places allow you to add 10 images and 5 videos to add to your listing. These images and videos not only better reflect your business and organization, but they also play an important part in optimizing your business listing in the search engines.

Moreover, another very important thing to note is that each image can be accompanied with a keyword. In this way, you can add 10 important keywords with 10 images to make your business listing more search engine friendly.

4.   Consistent Reviews and Feedbacks:

Another very effective tip to optimize your Google Places business page is to get good reviews and feedbacks from your customers. Positive feedbacks and customer reviews help your business to get more credibility and exposure. Moreover, it also increases the users’ trust and confidence on your small business, which eventually helps you in optimizing your Google Places business listing.

An important thing to note about getting reviews and feedbacks is the frequency or consistency of these feedbacks from your customers. Getting reviews on a consistent basis is much better than receiving one single wave of lots of feedbacks.

5.   Consistency and Identical Information:

Google not only takes into account what is listed into your Google Places business page, but it also values your data from other external sources. The key here is to be consistent and use identical information throughout the web. Submit your information in business directories and yellow pages, but make sure to submit identical information. In this way, you can optimize your Google Places page more easily and comfortably.

Optimizing a Google Places business page is a gradual process, but with the right approach, you can easily outrank your competitors. The end-results are very rewarding, profitable and totally worth the effort.

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