Could Google Goggles Be Optimized for Small Business Marketing?

by Nan King

Google has made a habit of stealing the internet headlines and Goggles just happens to be one of its properties that is currently hogging the limelight. Originally released for mobile devices running the Android platform, the service was recently launched for the new iPhone 4.0 operating system. Taking a unique approach to search, this app allows users take snapshots of objects and match them against a database that returns relevant results to their mobile devices. While many are viewing Goggles as a cool new feature, small businesses are more interested in what it could mean for their marketing efforts.

Add More Value to Traditional Media

There are not too many business managers who can tell you with a straight face that they have had great success with Goggle, but this app does have real potential as a marketing tool. One simple way it can be used is as a method to provide consumers with more information about your company. For example, you could take a picture of the business cards you pass out to prospects and clients, and then send it to Google for indexing. When one of your savvy prospects turns to Goggles, the app might yield details such as how to contact you online, or information about your services or product offerings. This is just one example of how Googles revolutionary app has the potential to enhance the value of traditional media. 

Deliver Important Updates

Google Goggles also offers the opportunity to provide consumers with crucial up-to-the minute updates. Let’s say you are a real estate agent giving a tour to a couple who is less than pleased with the first property on the menu. In this instance, you could take them to the next house on the tour, take a snapshot of the property, and let them view all the current details on the home. Whether or not they actually like the home is obviously dependent on a number of factors, many of which are out of your control, but this is an example of how Goggles can be used to maintain the interest of potential customers.

Marketing Beyond the Net

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Google Goggles is the tremendous potential it gives small businesses to take their marketing efforts beyond traditional search and the internet itself. It is essentially a tool that can be used to synchronize both your online and offline efforts. Anyone who runs across your business card, poster, flyer, and other materials can easily whip out their Android device or iPhone and instantly find out everything you want them to know about your business. This factor alone gives Goggles the ability to become a very powerful tool.

In the end, Google Goggles’ value as a small business marketing tool will depend on user adoption. If consumers do not find the concept appealing, it will probably be of very little value to most small businesses. However, because it does have real potential, marketers would be wise to make themselves familiar with Google Maps and learn more about how they can optimize for Goggles.

Nan King, a tech geek and environmentalist at heart, is an advocate of internet marketing straggles and the use of an email marketing company which is permission based.