Google’s New Algorithm and How it Affects You

by Merlyn Sanchez

Google is constantly evolving, and for many entrepreneurs using online marketing, this isn’t good news. In late February of this year, Google once again made changes to its algorithm. What are these changes and how do they affect you? I’m glad you asked. Here’s the breakdown of Google’s latest improvements, along with some solid insight into Google’s plans for the future.

What’s an Algorithm Anyway?

An algorithm can be defined as a logical sequence of steps leading to the solution of a problem. For Google, an algorithm is best described as the way the search engine powerhouse measures the relevance of a website, blog post, video, or other online information for the purpose of ranking. The specific formula of algorithms are as closely guarded as the recipe for Coca-Cola and because Google is constantly changing, no one will ever have the exact formula. But if you are aware of the true purpose of Google’s algorithm, you can find your website on the winning side, instead of being left out in the cold.

Google’s Mission Statement

It’s easy to become so consumed with search engine rankings that we can start looking at the big picture entirely wrong. A bit of common sense is necessary, along with an understanding of Google’s true mission.

First of all, Google is not against websites or bloggers. Google’s changes to its algorithm are not made with the intention or purpose of confusing us so that we are unable to rank well. Google’s sole purpose and entire mission is to provide the best, most relevant and intelligent content to its users. Therefore, Google’s changes don’t have to affect us one bit. In fact, every change can benefit our rankings, just as long as we are playing on the same team as Google.

Is Google Trying to Get Rid of Me?

Of course, in the process of providing high quality search results to its users, some websites and blogs will end up being penalized. These sites may feel directly targeted by Google, and rightfully so. According to Google’s latest press release and statements by Matt Cutts (responsible for enforcing Google’s webmaster guidelines) some sites will suffer. Will it be you? If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be negatively affected by the changes:

* Do you use content scraping tools to pull relevant, yet duplicate content from other websites to your own?
* Do you use PLR (private label rights material) as content for your website or blog?
* Do you fill your SEO tools with keywords that aren’t actually found in your blog posts?
* Do you over-saturate your posts with keywords in an attempt to rank for a certain keyword or set of keywords without actually providing relative, quality content?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I want you to brace yourself for this next fact. Your website is spam. There, I said it. Not only is your website spam, but Google wants to get rid of you. Why? Because Google does not want a web searcher to type in a search phrase (or set of keywords) and receive the exact same sentences of duplicate content in the first five search results. Google is cracking down on this. Is it because they dislike you? No, it’s because the LIKE their users and want to keep them happy.

Become a Friend of Google

So, how do you get on the winning side and become a friend of Google? It’s certainly not by ignoring the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Targeting keywords, using linking strategies, and article marketing are all part of search engine optimization. If you are using these strategies, don’t stop! But just keep in mind that in order to rank with Google and KEEP your rankings, you need to use search engine optimization strategies with integrity.

Once again, the key to integrity SEO is to have the same mission as Google, to appeal to the intelligence of your readers. Article marketing should not consist of duplicate articles, PLR, or keyword filled, yet useless content. Google wants original content, well researched information, thoughtful analysis, and in depth reports. If you provide this AND use proper keyword phrases, build backlinks, and employ other basics of SEO, I guarantee you have nothing to worry about, and you never will…no matter how many times Google changes its algorithm.

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