Google Chrome Extensions To Improve Your SEO

In recent times, Google Chrome has gained tremendous popularity among internet users and is widely used browser for internet surfing. Research suggests than about 12% internet users worldwide have switched to using Chrome. With is such wide usage, it natural that Google developed several SEO plug-ins or extensions to boost the SEO purposes of the users. Some of the top Google Chrome SEO you must use is discussed below:

Link Grabber:

This Google Chrome extension is not a full-fledged SEO tool but it has the distinction of being the fastest extensions. This tool is used by a large number of webmasters for SEO purposes. The extension extracts each link on the webpage and generates a new web page that features the list of all links and opens it on a new tab in the browser. This extension enables the webmasters to view the number of links contained in a single page and check the exact location where the links redirect the readers to in a quick and effective manner.

Meta SEO Inspector:

Online businessperson can use this useful Google Chrome extension to display Meta information in such a way that it speeds up the analyzing the SEO process of the different pages on your business website. The extension shows all minor details including Meta tags, microformats, head title, XFN tags and no-follow links. However, the striking feature of this SEO extension for Google Chrome is the warning system; the extension immediately alerts you by showing a red flag if the tags are either too small or too long. It also shows red flag if the tags are not formatted correctly. This enables the webmaster to rectify the incorrect tags and ensure that your web pages are optimized in all major search engines with maximum efficiency.

SEO Quake:

This Google chrome extension is one of the widely used SEO extensions; it is used not only in Google chrome but also in other browser including Firefox. People using Firefox browser would be well aware of how this extension works and by integrating it in Chrome you can use it the same way; the chrome version of the extension has the same features. The bar on the top features a range of SEO data including link density, page age, Alexa rank, Google PageRank and inbounds links.

Chrome SEO:

This Google chrome extension for SEO is argued to be the most comprehensive tool; it is packed with a wide range of SEO features that allows the business owners to fasten the SEO process. The extension enables the webmasters to keep regular track on the websites that the tags link and help them to provide bank links faster. Besides, by using this SEO extension the webmaster can easily access the cache version of the pages of your websites and get the domain information including Whois, IP and DNS.

Just like all other Google Chrome extensions for SEO, Chrome SEO is regularly updated and new and unique features are added to it to make it more efficient.

This guest post is written by Vincent Wicks. Along with providing useful optimization tips, he also maintains a web design library which contains all the tools and tutorials for designing a website.