Getting a Thousand Views on an Article

by Warner Carter

One thousand views a day per article is impossible if you’re just new to blogging. This is understandable because being new means the absence of shared links, networks, and promotion. Getting Web users to become regular readers and visitors of newly launched websites requires hard work.

Most of us think that self-promotion is the initial and only way of making our URL known to the public. Many writers think negatively of self-promotion, especially those who lived during the times when the Internet wasn’t that popular yet. Times have changed, as well as the way people think. Through blogging and other social media sites, becoming a writer is more possible, as everyone can now be a ‘writer’ or ‘pro’ of a certain niche.

So if you think self-promotion is the answer to gain thousands of article views, you’re on the right track. If you’re just learning about SEO at the moment, you might as well take extra time to empower your self-promotion through these websites.

The Underestimated Power of Digg

Many of us don’t take advantage of Digg’s full potential in giving us high traffic. I’m not saying that we have to switch from Facebook and Twitter to Digg; if you’re the reader-writer type, you may want to consider Digg as your top priority.

Digg, for me, is a reader’s nook. Digg can give a daily dose of blog posts, news and updates from social bookmarking sites. This website saves me from boredom each time I’m alone in my house. While I just sit reading great articles, my own articles receive hundreds of hits in a day, a thousand hits in a week, and six thousand hits in a month.

With Digg, and with proper promotion, getting 100-300 article views a day is not impossible.

The Giants

Facebook and Twitter are always reliable if you want traffic. Never underestimate these two sites. Just secure a strong network, entice readers through your posts, and leave a reply for every comment. Everything will stay active.

The advantage in promoting through these two sites is that these sites are extremely popular. Capturing a specific market here is quite achievable, unlike in Digg, which is commonly used by Internet marketers and SEO-concerned writers. Most Web users are familiar with Facebook and Twitter

Mentioning your blogs through guest posting

One good practice is habitually but properly mentioning your site on guest blogging sites that allow you to do so. There are many strict guest blogging sites today, but there are also lenient but high-quality blog sites that provide link-dropping opportunities and good traffic conversion.

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