Fool Proof Ways to Revive a Dying Blog

After running a successful blog for just over 12 months I found my attention wandering. I got involved in other online projects and no longer had the time or energy to spend on my blog. This was a big mistake as blogs are on-going tasks. As soon as you take your eye off the ball they start to flag and your readers start looking elsewhere for their daily blog fix.

What Went Wrong

By the time I realised what had happened the blog was really starting to die and was no longer offering me the productive output it used to.

  • Very few new visitors were arriving on-page and I realised my blog was no longer being talked about or shared on social readers.
  • The comments had also dropped off as I was not providing the kind of quality posts that generated discussions.
  • Watching the productivity dip further each month I panicked, realising my blog may die off completely and all the hard work I put into getting it up and running would be wasted.
  • I was advised to get a professional SEO copywriter in to get my blog back on track and it was the best thing I ever did.
  • My blog not only returned to previous productivity quickly but some great improvements were introduced that actually made it better than ever.

Putting Things Right

So many people use the Internet these days the scope for opportunity to attract more traffic is almost limitless. All you need to know is how best to attract the kind of traffic you want for your blog. Remember online success is about quality not quantity when it comes to traffic. It is great to have lots of visitors to your blog but you also want them to be the sort of people actually interested in your content. This will make it much more likely that they stay and interact with your pages.

I made the mistake of trying to drive more and more traffic to my site. This was taking too much time and effort and was one of the reasons I gradually moved away from the blog in the first place to other projects. However my expert copywriter advised me to concentrate on positioning my blog properly so that I could attract more responsive traffic that would actually benefit me directly.

Positioning Blogs

Positioning blogs is all about making sure they are targeted the type of readers you want to attract. This means writing excellent quality content that is informative and helpful. Instead of trying to cover every topic focus your blog so that you are appealing to a certain range of readers. Don’t forget you can’t please everyone so you will have more success if you try and appeal to a smaller, but more productive audience.

  • Get help targeting your blog with expert SEO copywriters. They will know just what to do to appeal to the type of audience you want to attract.
  • If you don’t know what audience to target they will also research the market and identify this for you as well.
  • Guest posts from other writers will help to open up your blog and create diversity. This will make things so much more interesting for your readers.
  • One single writer just cannot sustain the passion and enthusiasm it requires to keep blogs active and interesting month by month.
  • By getting other expert writers involved you can keep your blog moving forward into the future and ensure it does not stagnate and start to die.

Following all of the above will result in resuscitation success!

Apple Copywriting offered some great fool proof ways to revive my dying blog and save it from obscurity. With these SEO copywriter services my blog went from strength to strength.