Changing Lives with SEO Reselling

It is impossible to tell when SEO reselling industry has exactly started. Some say its early 2003; some predict it has been existent ever since SEO market dominated the direct selling market. But it doesn�t matter anymore. SEO Reselling has become everybody’s business and has already changed tons of people’s lives.

It is foolish to say that SEO Reselling was solely built to transform communities and lives. It�s pretty obvious that it�s just like any other business out there that existed to compete and generate income. However, along with SEO�s uncertain date of inception and invention, one sure thing has made the business popular to blue-collar workers who found no future in their 8-hour day job and hard-to-sell businesses. SEO Reselling has become ordinary people�s saving grace, for during the time when recession was signaling its arrival, a lot of them had managed to own personal businesses even though employment rate went down as companies shut down operations, while some others who had detested the businesses ended up jobless and unemployed.

SEO Reselling is not a clever invention, though. It’s just a copycat of their rival industry, MLM or network marketing. When early SEO firm owners first introduced SEO Reselling to the public, it was not a success. Many thought that it was just an ordinary direct selling business, which at that time was losing its popularity. Americans had a very bad impression of direct selling businesses that used the intermediary system to disseminate their products and services because pyramid schemes, frauds and swindling were very much associated to these.

Having the computer-knowledgeable and techies as its only market, the entire SEO struggled to publicized and expand its industry. The industry became virtually and realistically unknown to other people, especially to those who needed it most, the local and small businesses with no online exposure. What completely changed the entire industry was the arrival of White Label SEO. Though it took time before it reached its peak, the result showed positive change not just to the entire SEO industry but to early SEO Resellers’ lives as well.

White Label’s concept was simple: It allows aspirants to become SEO Resellers without paying humongous amount of down payments and application fees; gives the new reseller a 100% complete right to price his services and own his clients; and permits them to come up with their own payment method. These three main qualities of White Label SEO have made SEO Reselling appealing to lots of people.

The arrival of White Label SEO was perfect. Because of the blogs and websites who simultaneously covers and writes about it, it soon reached everyone’s attention. Almost exactly in the holidays of 2007 when recession hit the entire States, White Label SEO began trending on the Web. But it was only 2008 when it became known to business hopefuls and jobless people who had been victimized by economic downfall.

Along with other profitable businesses like small business franchising and online marketing, marketers credited SEO Reselling and White Label SEO as one of the marketing innovations that alleviate the current economic problem at that time. And as of this writing, the entire SEO Reselling industry is continuously growing.

Written by Warner for this blog. I hope you like this post and comment. I work as an SEO consultant for Endless Rise, they supply SEO Reseller Plans only to resellers. Visit the SEO Reseller Overview If you want to learn more.