Make More Money Online by Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

Guest Blog by Dario Ruff

The modern advances of technology have brought the world great strides in regards to networking in the field of commerce. The new age of digital marketing has made buying and selling more accessible to the general public, and has created a growth in the digital marketing agency world.

There are two main strategies for marketing via a digital fashion. Firstly, pull digital marketing is where the consumer searches for data concerning goods and services by browsing the company’s information sources; this may include a website, pamphlets, or simply an old fashioned telephone call. Secondly, push digital marketing refers to the customer receiving information from a company. These messages are commonly sent to potential cliental through services such as Short Message Service (SMS), Really Simple Syndication (RSS), or perhaps cellular phone calls.

These digital marketing techniques are successful for a myriad of reasons. Pull, for example provides a low cost solution paired with the advantage of operating an affordable overhead. Additionally, pull technology has no restrictions in terms of file size, allowing thorough explanations of a product or service. Push enjoys the ability to personalize messages and monitor customers’ purchases. The push digital marketing style is also well known for having a robust conversation rate through newsgroups, RSS, and SMS.

However, nothing in the business world is free of failure risk, digital marketing is no exception. Both pull and push methods have their caveats. Pull marketing suffers from the inability to track visitors. Furthermore, there are no options of personalization, which is vital in keeping the customers’ interest over time. This damages chances of gaining return customers. Push technology suffers from several disadvantages. The push system requires knowledge of relevant delivery technology, Services such as SMS and RSS can easily be blocked by a potential patron. There have also been several spam laws enacted which often require the customers to opt in to the messages, defeating the whole idea of “pushing” the advertisements.

This is a guest post by Dario Ruff, CEO and Founder of Avenue180 LLC., a search marketing agency based in Atlanta, GA. Dario has helped clients like NBC Universal, Office Depot, MTV, Trane Residential & Commercial and H&R Block navigate and engage their target audiences across the ever-changing digital landscape.