Blackhat SEO Backlinks Are Not The Answer

by Garen Arnold

I want to make it perfectly clear that I would never engage in any blackhat seo techniques in order to boost your site up the ranks in Google. I know it can be very tempting, but the cons heavily out way the pros, ten fold.

Why BlackHat Doesn’t Really Help?

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard of blackhat SEO tactics. It is said that a success of a website depends on the traffic it generates and the number of hits it receives in a day. The blackhat SEO tactics will do just that. It is an optimization method to help your site climb the all-important rankings of the major search engines in then Internet right now. While there is nothing actually illegal in blackhat SEO and this is what supporters of this tactic will tell you. It is however noted that blackhat SEO always fails. It is difficult to get traffic and hits for a website but there are other options to do this rather than Blackhat SEO.

What is Blackhat SEO?

Blackhat SEO is one of the large groups of main search engine optimization on the Internet, the other being Whitehat SEO. The big difference between the two is the way in which they optimize a site through the search engine. Famous examples of whitehat SEO tactics are keyword placement, quality backlinks, blogging, social networking and meta tag optimization. These are everyday optimization techniques that reputable companies, SEO specialists and Internet marketers use to make their website(s) more visible to the search engines. All of these techniques have been proven effective and legal.

Spamming and building thousands of irrelevant backlinks are samples of Blackhat SEO techniques. These are considered very dubious, largely unethical methods to make your website look more popular than it is. What they do is cloak keyword-stuffed pages so they don’t show up on search engine spider indexes, but do contribute to keyword searching, duplicate content and more. Blackhat SEO is very popular with unethical Internet marketers that set up hundreds of automated websites to sell you something that you probably don’t need, and more than likely doesn’t work.

Blackhat SEO Saves Money – A Fallacy

Although many SEO specialist will recommend and tell you using blackhat SEO techniques will you save you money, remember that there is a more ethical way to do it. They will try to convince you that it will cost you more but do not forget that a lot of the whitehat SEOs needs patience as they bear better and more fruitful results.

Many of the blackhat SEO tactics will bear good results but it will only be short-lived. Google and other search engines are constantly updating their databases against these blackhat SEO techniques and in time, they will discover this illegal act and will permanently damage your website’s reputation and image. Google is considered to be the most popular search engine and having your website blacklisted because of unethical techniques will definitely spell trouble for you. Potential visitors and clients wont be able to find you through keyword searches, leaving your competitors to sweep them off your business.

Saving money now can mean more trouble for you in the future with blackhat SEO. It is not worth it at all. Use tried and tested search engine optimization methods as they will be worth the value of your money.

Try These Whitehat methods Instead

With the ever progressing technology, more and more people are using the Internet to its full potential. They are especially using the web to generate traffic to their websites and in turn generate money or income. There are several ways webmasters all over the world are doing this. These ways are tried and tested methods and will definitely put your site from no hits in a day to several hundred. If you have a new site and would like to generate traffic, these methods will definitely be helpful.

Use video distribution sites. A viral video can go a long way and with the proper knowledge on video sharing, marketing and back linking, you may just create traffic to your site that easy. There are many video distribution sites that you can share any video, whether its related to your website or not, link it so anyone who views and click on the video may be directed to your site. Try out Tube Mogul!

Exchange links with other webmasters. No man is an island. That’s applicable to everything especially with the Internet. Coordinate and find other webmasters and exchange “marketing” space. It’s a give and take situation. They agree to out a space in their websites to advertise and link yours and you agree to do the same. Not saying you should go ape nuts with it but a few link exchanges with authority sites can work wonders!

Try Article Marketing. A very cheap but proven effective method, article marketing is when your link is placed below an article posted on the Internet. The article can be directly related to your website or not. As long as it’s interesting and people read and like it, more likely, they’ll click on your link and create traffic. For extra SEO value put your keywords in your title and bold and italicize throughout the article, and obviously use your keywords as anchored text.

Post Press Releases. You can use these press releases to get people to visit your website by putting it out through other big, already established websites. I like contacting magazine publishing sites, as they are always willing to distribute my press releases.

Start blogging. Although it can be time consuming and cumbersome, many webmasters use blogging to market and advertise and at the same time to create traffic to their websites. Along with that it improves your internal page count which can grab Googles attention.

Post comments on forums and blogs. One of the most visited websites on the Internet today besides the social networking sites are blogs and forums. That is why it is a good avenue to post a comment and add your links so people that are in the forum or blog can check them out. Just remember to not overwhelm them with a lot of comments as you can get banned if you do. Remember to provide value though!

This article was written by Garen Arnold who has 4 years of SEO experience. He has become a master of boosting his sites up in Google. For more tips on how to get backlinks please see his Link Building Mastery Review.