Use Of Article Directories As Promotional Vehicle Increasing

by Robert Peterson

According to Google Trends data, use of article directories has been exploding over the last two years, with most searches coming from Nigeria. Robert Peterson takes a closer look at this sudden growth and why you should be paying attention.

Every webmaster interested in his site or blog promotion looks for the best ways of getting traffic and improving the site’s PR (page rank). Actually, there are a lot of opportunities to do this on the Internet: blog commenting, participation in forum discussions, social bookmarking submission, link exchange and many others. All these methods of link building are really helpful for your website, though, not all of them work properly. Besides, it’s really important to keep in mind that the content of your website should be of high quality and rich with the keywords in order to draw a lot of traffic from the search engines and attract more visitors and potential clients.

One more useful stragedy for quality link building campaign is submission of articles to particular article directories. It’s the easiest way of getting backlinks to your website or blog and, besides, the most reliable. All you need is to register at the article directory site (although, at some of such sites registration is not required) and submit your work there. Just don’t forget to read the posting guidelines as they differ on various directories. Some of these sites permit to put backlinks to your own website only in the author bio, the others approve the limited number of links in the article body. Though, bear in mind that most of article directories don’t accept works with affiliate links.

Well, you might be interested in how it will help your website promotion. First of all, submitting your posts to article directories you will get dofollow backlinks of high quality. Besides, your articles will be automatically uploaded to the search engines and people looking for particular information about something you write about can find your article through Google, Yahoo or other search engines and visit your site or even become your clients.

One more important thing about using article directories for website promotion. The webmasters of newly created sites often look for quality content and, therefore, take articles from directories keeping your backlink safe. As a result, you will be able to get a new link source, in fact, doing nothing. You should just remember that your article will be chosen only if it’s really interesting and contains valuable data. Moreover, your work must be really original and written by you as nobody interested in content of low quality. Well, the number of words in your articles also matters and some SEO experts state that 400-700 words would be absolutely enough for the reader not to get bored as less people will read the article till the end if it consists of more than 1000 words.

In fact, there are a lot of efficient article directories on the Internet and some of them even have PR6 (the home page). Of course, their terms are more strict, but they are really worth trying. Some of them even keep your article pending for months, though, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be approved. It usually shows that this very article directory receive a great number of posts and, thus, the queue is too long.

Besides, don’t forget that the headline of your article is an inseparable part of your success. It’s very important to choose it carefully and wisely as it can determine the popularity of your work among readers. If you have noticed most of people, and you are not the exeption, won’t read the further text if they don’t like the beginning, or the title. So, be very accurate making the title of your post in order to avoid failure as it is the major matter to pay attention to.

Robert Peterson is an experienced blogger dealing with promotion of the website performing cash advance online through article directories.