6 Steps to Using Great Content As Currency

by Brandon Cox

“Adding value” is a popular buzzword, and its merited. Our internet culture has adopted the idea of instant communities and free content, but as the web matures, real value will rise to the top. Those who hope to achieve real success long term have to constantly adapt to an increasingly savvy user who expects more than the mere existence of an online community.

This need to continue rising to the top as the web matures can be met as we learn just how valuable good content really is. Browse the average “article directory” and you’ll mouse through several pages on any given topic before finally stumbling upon a valuable headline.

With all the junk around, we have a prime opportunity to capitalize on our ability to create something of genuine value.

Creating Great Content Is Like Printing Currency

That is, our ability to have more of it is limited only by the time we can devote to creating it. If you can write, you can be rich, or influential, or at least popular. You can spread a message because you can create something of value out of nothing.

Spreading Great Content Is Easier Than Ever

With the evolution of the social aspect of the web, content can go viral and spread as never before. Yes, it’s a more discerning social web, but that’s a good thing for content that is truly valuable.

Collaborating to Produce Great Content Is All the Rage

Sites like Quora and Wikipedia and their rapidly evolving presence on the web point to a desire among people to shape content together, in collaboration. Web-based services and apps that allow for better collaboration are constantly improving.

The Call for Great Content Is Never-Ending

Article marketing has had its roots down for a decade or so and guest posting across a wide network of blogs is a welcome gift from publishers and editors. There may be an enormous amount of data already filling the pipes of the web, but the need for it doesn’t appear to be diminishing anytime soon.

The Advantage of Great Content Is Obvious

At the end of all great content is the looming question, “What now?” And in answering that question, we have a tremendous opportunity to lead the reader to a product, an organization, to join a list, to subscribe to something, or at least to stick around and read another article.

So how do you utilize the value of great content to infiltrate markets?

  1. Know your stuff. Research is vital.
  2. Know how to write persuasively – this is also vital.
  3. Call readers to action, make it clear, and make it easy.
  4. Spread your content around in the cloud.
  5. Stimulate conversations around your content.
  6. Listen and respond to the opportunities.

Why wait? Get started. Make a list of topics to which you can contribute. Make another list of places where you can join the conversation. And establish a plan and strategy for what you want to do with your influence.

Great content counts more than ever!

Brandon Cox is a Pastor at Saddleback Church, one of America’s largest churches. He’s an Editor, Writer, Designer, and Blogger as well. He writes on such topics as communications strategies and communication design.