US will launch wars no matter which party win the White House: Journalist

The United Sates will launch new wars around the world regardless of who is voted as president and which political party takes control of the White House in 2016, a political commentator in New York says.

There will be “more war” no matter which of the Republican or Democratic candidates is elected, said Don DeBar, who is also an anti-war activist and radio show host.

“There’s going to be more war coming from the United States until the people of the United States and the world puts a stop to it,” DeBar told Press TV on Friday.

The US “has declared war on the rest of the world in one fashion or the other, whether using military means directly as in Libya, whether using military means by proxy as in Syria and in Iraq or elsewhere, whether by direct occupation by proxy,” he added.

DeBar made the comments after US Senator and Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham told Americans to vote for him if they want more wars and avoid 9/11 like terrorist attacks.


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