US making arms for possible China war: American author

The United States is manufacturing weapons which are considered by the American military officials as “plausible” for a possible war on China, says an analyst.

The United States, has been for many years, in the “long process of militarizing Asia and pursing corporate trade agreements with Asia that it sees as means toward dominating China and it is developing weapons that officials in the US military see as a plausible way of an aggressive war on China being carried out without repercussions to the United States, which is of course madness,” David Swanson, the author of War Is A Lie, told Press TV on Thursday.

“China is responding to US’ arms buildup and base buildup and troop buildup in its region of the globe with significant increase in its own development and investment in weaponry, but still the tiny fraction of where the United States is,” he explained.

“This will continue and escalate and worsen as long as the US public is misled into believing that the aggression is originating in China,” he added.

He went on to say that “you can imagine how people in the United States would react if China were flying planes over the coast of the United States and yet people find it very hard in the United States to put themselves in the place of the Chinese, but we’re going to have to do that or this is going to escalate out of control and result in a war that will destroy us all, it’s that serious.”


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