US “killed more people” than alleged 9/11 hijackers

Press TV |

The alleged mastermind of the September 11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, told a courtroom at Guantanamo Bay Wednesday that the United States had killed more people in the name of national security than he is accused of killing on 9/11.

Mohammed addressed the court during a hearing ahead of his trial for coordinating the attacks. Speaking through a translator, Mohammed said that while about 3,000 people were killed on 9/11, the United States has killed thousands or even millions.

He said: “Many can kill people under the name of national security. And to torture people under the name of national security. And detain their children under the name of national security.”

He went on to say: “I don’t want to be long, but I can say that the President can take someone and throw him in the sea in the name of national security. And so well he can also legislate the killings, assassinations, under the name of national security, for American citizens. My only advice to you that you do not get affected by the crocodile tears. Because your blood is not made of gold and ours made of water. We are all human beings.” Democracy Now


According to the AE 9/11 for Truth documentary, our lives were forever changed that day: 2,744 lives lost in New York…1 million lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq…6,000 U.S. troops lost in the war on terror…$4.5 trillion – War on Terrorism cost to US taxpayers.

Theorists believe that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished by bombs, phone calls from the planes were made up, and the former President George W. Bush secretly profited from the attacks.

The World Trade Center collapse appeared similar to a controlled demolition. Many speculate that the towers were in fact blown down with explosives placed in selected locations. Some witnesses accounted hearing explosions inside the building as they attempted to escape. Many architects and scientists even maintain that a planes fuel cannot produce enough heat to melt the steel frame of the two buildings that collapsed.

The explosive story of the 5 suspicious Israelis seen celebrating while filming the attacks on the World Trade Center was first reported nationally in American Free Press shortly after September 11.