US invasion of Iraq was genecidal war: Peace activist

The US invasion of Iraq was a “genocidal war” and a”crime against humanity” perpetrated by the administration of George W. Bush to expand US imperialism, an anti-war activist in California says.

Former US vice president Dick Cheney‘s recent remarks that he was right to support the invasion of Iraq under Bush is based on fabricated lies that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, Ralph Schoenman told Press TV on Thursday.

“At least two million people were killed by this genocidal war of Cheney and imperialism and the basis of it was a protracted lie,” schoenman said.

“The human cost of this is unspeakable because the so-called shock and awe saturation bombing that was inflicted upon Iraq destroyed a modern society and devastated the entire city of Baghdad and indeed created a pandemic of birth defects from the nature of weaponry that was used by the United States on the people of Iraq,” he added.

During an interview with Fox New on Wednesday, Cheney defended the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

“Well if people say, Dick Cheney was wrong about Iraq, why should they listen to you on Iran [nuclear program]?” asked Juan Williams, a commentator for Fox News and columnist for The Hill newspaper.

“Because I was right about Iraq,” Cheney responded.

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