Drugs, Poverty, Slavery – Wars Lost in the Land of the ‘Free’

Should we invite her in, Wisdom proves a most dutiful senior partner.

Are you shocked at academics who’ve just discovered descendants of slave owners and the enslaved are still waging war, or that corporate owned media has suddenly cast itself as Captain Renault — shocked, shocked to find that police brutality is going on in here, the Land of the Free, when, in the Home of The Brave alone, man’s inhumanity to humans of color has been going on in here, since our forefathers lied to, stole from and murdered the first Native American.

After our Civil War transformed us into superficial emancipation, warmongering turned its sights on subtler means of class-warfare. Though the Gettysburg Address was a conscious attempt to fill in historical gaps in our Declaration of Independence, women remained second class citizens without the right to vote and former slaves, propped up as pretense of equality, served at the pleasure of We Built That carpetbaggers — as prelude to LaPierre’s Demographically Symbolic.

Celebrating the Civil War’s 150th and WWI’s 100th or seventy-four years since Pearl Harbor; or fifty-two since JFK while forty-seven for King & Bobby; Kent State Four 45th, twenty since Oklahoma children, fourteen since 9/11 and two since Boston Marathon — has commemorating violent death and destruction brought us to an appreciation for Article 1 Section 8 Clause 12 of the U. S. Constitution, or are we a canvass for campus Open Carry?