Talks extension good sign; Israel afraid of Iran’s influence: Fetzer

An American scholar says an extension of nuclear talks between Iran and the global powers is a “good sign”.

As it had been voiced by negotiators earlier, the two sides missed the self-imposed June-end deadline with the US State Department saying on Tuesday that the two sides had decided to “extend the measures under (2013 interim deal) until July 7 to allow more time for negotiations to reach a long-term solution”.

James Henry Fetzer, who is a journalist with Veterans Truth Network and a retired professor based in Madison, Wisconsin, told Press TV on Tuesday that the move is a “promising sign given the extent of the efforts that have been made to scuttle the talks especially by Israel.”

Tel Aviv has spared no effort to hamper the deal through pressuring the US and joining hands with some Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

Citing a leaked report by Mossad that appears to attest Iran’s argument that it is pursuing non-military goals in its nuclear program, Fetzer rejected allegations by Israel that Iran is seeking nuclear bombs, saying the regime’s true aim is to “mitigate” Tehran’s influence in the region through “crippling sanctions”.

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