Russell Brand on CIA Torture Report: If Rape Is Being Used As a Way To Get Info, We’re Already In Hell

Ella Alexander

Russell Brand has described the CIA’s torture report as “terrifying” in his latest episode of The Trews.

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s report will reveal the extent of the organisation’s “enhanced interrogation”. Main methods are thought to include sleep deprivation, confinement in small spaces, slapping, humiliation, sexual assault threats and waterboarding. These measures were carried out on al-Qaeda terrorism suspects following the 9/11 attack and weren’t effective in delivering life-saving intelligence to the US.

Around 10 per cent of the 6,000-page tome will be released to the public.

“This CIA report is important because around the world now there are all sorts of measures that give governments more rights to spy on their own people,” said Brand.

“If there are unaccountable government agencies that can torture without having to ever justify or explain even when it doesn’t work. We’re living in a terrifying time.

“Isn’t it obvious that if rape is used a way of getting information out of a person that we’re already in hell? There’s no further to go, there’s no further for us to decline.”

The comedian suggested that the report should make the public question “the considerable clandestine power these organisations hold”, but noted that government torture techniques are becoming more acceptable.

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