Photo evidence shows Ukraine regime delivering Buk missiles to troops

Media in West insist Russia delivered Buk systems to separatists

California Republican and House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce criticized the Obama administration for not sending weapons to the regime in Kyiv.

Kurt Nimmo

He said inaction by the administration has allowed Russian arms transfers to separatists in eastern Ukraine.

“Up until now, the administration has not really helped Ukraine on the ground so you’ve got this massive influx of Russian agents and Russian heavy weaponry and we haven’t done anything in response,” Royce said on CNN.

Royce said Russia has transferred tanks, rocket launchers and other military equipment to the separatists. He did not provide evidence of the transfer.

The regime in Kyiv has acted as the source for the allegations.

MH17 shoot down blame game

On Saturday the regime said it had proof that Russia provided the surface-to-air missile system that shot down MH17.
According to The New York Times:

At a news conference in Kiev, Vitaly Nayda, the head of counterintelligence for the Ukrainian State Security Service, displayed photographs that he said showed the three Buk-M1 missile systems on the road to the Russian border.

Nayda’s accusation is countered by an Associated Press report from July that contains a photograph showing the Ukranian military deliveirng Buk antiaircraft launchers in Sloviansk, a city in the Donetsk Oblast where separatists are opposing the Kyiv regime.

Ukrainian officials and the corporate media are now claiming Russia has covertly moved Buk launchers out of easter Ukraine.

“Three missile launchers trespassed the Ukraine border on July 18,” said Nayda from Kyiv.

He said Russian military officers accompanied the units as they moved across the border.

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