Israeli’s “Cheer, Whoop and Whistle” as Bombs Rain Down on Palestinian’s in Gaza

Israeli’s watch from hilltop being “entertained” as Palestinian’s in Gaza are bombed by the IDF, Israeli Defense Force

It’s been hard following the horrific Israeli assault on Gaza and then I came across this account from Harriet Sherwood entitled “Israeli’s Gather on Hillsides to Watch and Cheer as Military Drops Bombs on Gaza” published in the ICH, Information Clearing House, July20, 2014. It grabbed my attention.

Sherwood’s piece informs us “groups of Israeli’s gather each evening on hilltops close to the Gaza border to cheer, whoop and whistle as bombs rain down on people in a hellish warzone a few miles away. Some bring bottles of beer or soft drinks and snacks”.

On Saturday a group of men huddle around a shisha pipe. Nearly all hold up smartphones to record the explosions or to pose grinning, perhaps with thumbs up, for selfies against a backdrop of black smoke.”

I could go on but I suggest you visit the site and read the full account for yourself.

What can one say; outrageous, unconscionable, a complete lack of empathy? People are on a picnic, being boisterous and rowdy taking in the “festivities” and cheering while Palestinian’s are being slaughtered.

It’s a bit mind boggling.

These people seem completely devoid of human empathy, emotionally detached and unaffected by the suffering of Palestinian’s. They’re obviously too young to have been victims of the holocaust which saw 6 million of their own exterminated by the Nazi’s.

Did they not hear stories from survivors and feel for the innocent Jewish victims who were murdered by Nazi’s during those unspeakable times?

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