Iraqis do not trust US for military recruitment: Analyst

Former US congressional staffer Rodney Martin says the reason that the United States is having problems with “recruiting” forces to fight the ISIL terrorist group is that Iraqis do not trust Washington.

“The United States is having problems, missing its goals recruiting Iraqis and the Iraqi military to fight ISIL,” Martin told Press TV on Wednesday.

He added that because there is “disconnect and mistrust between the Iraqi population and the United States.”

Last month, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the US military only managed to train around 7,000 Iraqi security forces at four specialist sites it had anticipated would be used to train 24,000 soldiers by fall.

“We simply haven’t received enough troops,” Carter said.

Martin noted recruiting soldiers should be left to the sovereign nation of Iraq.

He also said Iraqis should remember that “it was the United States and CIA that created ISIL.”

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